What The Fuck Does A Fit Look Like On A Blog?!?!?!?  

SweetDarlinAngel 41F
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7/10/2006 2:57 pm

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7/21/2006 9:13 am

What The Fuck Does A Fit Look Like On A Blog?!?!?!?

Well, it must look something like this:

dfklpvgjaeo;rijg pwamjgp;osdlmf.,sadkf gw,sfdsx'f

Add some additional thrown silverware, a broken plate or two, a bit of yelling and that should about cover it.

Perhaps, I should have made it capitalized ...

Nevertheless, you get the idea. It was a stressful weekend. I have landed a second job.

Please insert modest amount of saracasm here WOO-HOO! Yay, me! Now, I am working two jobs, sleeping like shit, alomost 6 months pregnant and financially unstable as hell! Did I mention that I have only been married for less than 4 months? Yup ... tomorrow is actually my 4 month anniversary. Newly wedded bliss my fucking ass!

Where was that fit again? Oh yes ... As listed above ...

Screw it ... erotica will return when I friggin feel like it. Chalk it up to one fucking hell of pregnant woman's perogative! ;!;

Now, if I only figure out how to spit online ...

ahhh ... there we go!


bedroomice2003 45M

7/10/2006 11:39 pm

You always know where to find me, sweetheart.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/14/2006 9:43 am:
Yes, I do ... and thank you

gypsy1629 42F

7/11/2006 1:05 am

SDA....I am so feeling for you.....you are to be resting though not working one job let alone 2.....your woman partner needs to step up to the damned plate....thats what I think anyways.....hope you get things figured out where all this stuff goes split right down to you getting the rest you need and her to be pulling her weight around there....man if I was you I woulda left by now and just winged it on my own......praying for ya hun and heres some HUGZ.....


SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/14/2006 9:43 am:
oh, and those prayers are felt all the way to my toes ... believe me! {=}= kisses to you Gypsy!

GleesFlakyShawl 51M
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7/11/2006 7:59 am

...and ur second job is....?

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/14/2006 9:44 am:
innocent and clean data entry ... nothing exciting ...

ArtisticTwist75 42F
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7/11/2006 6:00 pm

Chalk it up to hormones... hope you feel better soon though.


SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/14/2006 9:46 am:
Hormones ... right ... I should do just that, while I still can.

warmandsexy52 66M
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7/13/2006 11:07 pm

Hugs sweetie.

warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/14/2006 9:46 am:
... leans into that hug ... thanks

duststormdiva 52F
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7/18/2006 9:24 am

patooey! there's an online spit for ya. I hope your days are getting better. You have every right to rant and rave, it is your Gods given right being a woman and pregnant.

I saw a woman the other day at karaoke here in Thatcher/Safford that reminded me of you. She resembled your photos.


SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/21/2006 9:15 am:
Awesome! An online spit! I love it! Ah yes, but I have only made one trip to Thatcher / Safford and that was to meet a blogger we both once chatted with who is no longer blogging here lately. Ah, well ... if I ever take that trip again, I will definately look you up!

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