To Puke or Not To Puke...  

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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7/25/2006 9:24 am

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8/1/2006 2:44 pm

To Puke or Not To Puke...

Every morning I wake up and battle with the question, am I going to be sick today?

I convince myself to roll out of bed, stagger to the master bathroom and attempt to negotiate with my belly. "Belly, I'd really appreciate it if you would not throw up today. I think today would be a good day, to be unsick. So, I am going to get up off the edge of the bathtub, brush my teeth, and go and find something lite and nourishing to eat. What do you think?" Sometimes, this little pep talk works. 98% of the time, I must admit that it does not.

So, I find myself huddled over the sink or the toilet, whichever I could get to first, revisting last night's dinner. An early morning flavor I could easily do without. Each time, I think to myself ... "Okay, kid. This is your mother thinking. Stop with all the nonsense! You are going to be here soon and we really don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I have already conceeded to giving up meat. I immediately quit smoking and drinking caffiene the moment I found out about your existence. I can't sleep with you kicking all night. I have constant heartburn. Sex, is becoming uncomfortable and I am more absent-minded than usual. Now, I think it is high time you sacrifice something for me! All, I'm asking for is a 50-50 deal on the nausea. I mean if we could go with no puking 3 out of 4 days a week; I'd be good. C'mon, give a little here!"

So, now, I am waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I have a feeling though that my little ultimatum / deal / proposal isn't going to be accepted as well as I am hoping. But, hey, you never know ... Miracles happen everyday!

In the mean time ... anybody know of any 3 inch tall bullies that can be subcutaneously inserted through the belly button that might be able to talk some sense into this kid? I'm all ears for suggestions...


GleesFlakyShawl 51M
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7/25/2006 10:27 am

well...ur morning sickness seems to enhance ur

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 12:02 pm:
What are you trying to say? Thank God for Angel's ill belly! LOL Keep it up DZ and I'll start sending some of these ill feeling your way.

buddhamike 107M
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7/25/2006 11:23 am

Fortunately, for most the nausea goes away after a while. Meanwhile you know now why men like being men. (don't hate us, it isn't intentional, just an accident of genetics at conception)

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 12:01 pm:
*giggles* accidental genetics I can forgive. Thanks for giving me an insight into the male mind.

digdug41 50M

7/25/2006 11:46 am

well darlin I must say that I am glad that I am a male coz if ya left it up to us to replenish the earth this muthafucka'd be barren

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 12:00 pm:
Diggy~ I'm sure that is the truth of it babe. lol

warmandsexy52 65M
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7/25/2006 1:04 pm

It's a shame you have to go through all this sweetie. Maybe if you could find a way of playing soothing music to the wee feller he might give you a break.

warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 3:00 pm:
You mean like chubby tummy tunes? Well I've tried Beethoven. He doesn't like classical. I tried Boys to Men. He doesn't seem to be interested in R&B. I attempted country western once with a mixture of The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, George Straight, and then Kenny Chesney. That sent him into a fit of kick and flips and nauseating turns and jabs. I don't think he is a fan of down home music. I went for classic rock next. A little Poison. Nope! Then some Def Leopard. No Way! Aerosmith. Uh-uh. Gave that approach up. So now I am working on some of my own personal favorites when I am feeling out of sorts. Gwen Steffani, Beach Boys, Kid Rock, Whitney Houston, Cher, Sheryl Crow, Nickelback, Counting Crows, Queen, ACDC; if none of these work... then I am back to the CD case for some more ideas. My eclectic taste has got to trigger some thing in the little tyke. Got any other ideas?

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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7/25/2006 4:25 pm

I'm with Warmandsexy ... though I'd recommend Mozart or Vivaldi.

Look at the potential benefits: some people say that will improve the babe's intelligence; it may calm the babe and give you a break from the nausea; and if all else fails, at least it might de-stress you a little!

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 4:48 pm:
Vivaldi ... I think I might still have a compilation of his 2nd. Good call. Thanks Quiet!*kiss*

knm4allx 57M/53F
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7/25/2006 5:02 pm

Remembering back...

Although it has been years (and I do mean YEARS)ago, I always had the nausea; but, would never puke. While I'm sure that last night's dinner could do without being revisited, walking around for minutes and hours and days and weeks and months and months and By-God MONTHS feeling like you could throw it's right there but won't come...

I vote for puke. Not to puke sucks just as much.

M {=}

P.S. My fast friend was LifeSavers - the standard roll with what seven flavors?? And, to this day I can't eat them without becoming nauseous.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/28/2006 9:12 am:
Life Savers? Hmmm interesting choice, perhaps I should try that. I love suckable candies.

bedroomice2003 45M

7/25/2006 6:48 pm

Maybe that kid should have a long talk from his father.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/28/2006 9:15 am:
GREAT IDEA! Now if only I could wrestle him down long enough to get over here and get him to concentrate on the kid instead of me, we'd be in buisiness! Who am I kidding? Concentrate on the baby instead of me? There will be plenty of time for that later... I think I'll deal with the little for now and continue to revel in daddy's affection all by myself for the moment.

bucky90403 53M

7/27/2006 8:59 am

I only know this second hand.

The sickness should pass. Saltine crackers seemed to help. But I have to ask why you gave up meat? Also, caffine isn't bad in moderation, a cup of coffee or tea a day is fine, so I'm told.

Good luck.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/28/2006 9:17 am:
The baby doesn't like meat, I puke everytime I eat it. Caffiene isn't good for a growing fetus. But thanks for the advice!

rm_Rico0825 56M
483 posts
7/27/2006 5:10 pm

Hopefully he won't be so tempermental when he arrives. Hang in there sweetheart. Hugs

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/28/2006 9:19 am:
From experience, the worse the pregnancy, the better the baby. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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