The Invitation ...  

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4/25/2006 6:58 pm

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The Invitation ...

I've invited you over to my house to meet me. I am nervous and excited. I have arranged for us to have the house all to ourselves for the entire weekend and there is very little time left before you will arrive at my door. I want to be fresh for you and I feel like I smell of sleep and linens, so I run the shower while keeping my eyes on the clock. I leave a note on the door, unlocked in case I lose track of time and you arrive before I am dressed, then I climb into the steamy shower and begin to prepare myself for you.

Being the gentleman you are, you have found yourself at my door 45 minutes early. My note already secured to the screen, invites you to make yourself at home. You enter and find yourself amidst the game room. You smile to yourself at the thought of past blogs I have posted regarding the pool table standing in the center of room. As you pass your hand trails over the mahogany wood finish and you wonder if the story was true, in the background you hear running water. My note mentioned that I would be almost dressed so you are concerned that perhaps water was left on in another room without my knowledge. You pass through the living room taking in the fireplace and immediately think of candles and blanketed evenings there in front of the blazing fire on cold evenings before continuing down the hall toward the open rooms beyond. Assuming I would dress behind closed doors you do not venture towards the room with the closed door near the end of hall, rather toward the sound of the running water in the hall bath, it's door wide open, lights dim.

When you arrive at the doorway to the bath, I am standing before you, wet, my hair tied up in the only towel that covers my body and I gasp in surprise as I thought that you would not be arriving for at least another half hour. The candle light that I showered by was flickering behind me and immediately I fell into your arms to hide myself embarrassed, relived, and excited all at once, I wasn't sure what to do.
Feeling the warmth of your body against me, I felt so vulnerable, you felt so strong. You removed the towel from my head and placed it around my shoulders, drying me, wiping the wetness from my body. I was instantly aroused and yet I felt so taken care of by you. Not one word had been spoken between us. I lifted my face towards your as you continued your chivalrous care of me and I finally broke the silence between us
"I'm glad you came” I whispered in your ear, you smiled at me and took my face in your hands, cupped my chin and said in response "I wouldn't have missed it" then you kissed me gingerly on the cheek.

I leaned into your body and led you to my bedroom you followed and sat on the edge of bed as I headed for the dresser; wrapped in nothing but a towel I try not to stir too much arousal in you. I bend over my drawers and search for something simple to wear; you ask that I wear whatever it is I have on when we chat to one another online. You want to see me natural, the honest side of me; I blush and agree and go back to my pajama drawer, my favorite drawer and take out thin cotton pants that hug the curve of my hips and bottom. I put them on without ever dropping the towel but, no underwear; I usually don't wear them when I wear pj's. Then I go to the closet and feel you reach out your hand towards me. You brush your fingers along my thigh and bottom as I pass and I exhale deeply. It is so erotic to have you watch me dress; my skin feels electric, my face is flushed. I return from the closet with a simple, small, thin, cotton, matching tank top, spaghetti straps that tend to drop off my shoulders when I sit, the neck line droops and shows almost a little too much cleavage if I lean forward, but it is so comfortable. The lines of the top hug my stomach and waist. I love them. They are my cozy clothes.
I am embarrassed to have you see me like this, but you look at me as though I am wearing something from a Victoria Secret catalogue. Your eyes linger over every curve; your smile tells me you are pleased with the final look Every thing is so thin and light it is almost see through, you comment that you can see the shade of my pink nipples through the top. I blush and ask if you'd like me to change. You grab me by the wrists and pull me close and say "Absolutely not". I feel you heartbeat through your shirt, you knew I'd love a button down on you and wore one just for me. The top few buttons are open and I can see small curls of hair through the top of it, as I continue my gaze down your body, I notice how well your jeans fit you. The way your thighs flex and move beneath the fabric as you support my body against you. I exhale again very deeply.

My hands begin to explore your body, teasing the buttons from their holes, letting your chest show through so that I can run my fingers through the wonderful matting hair there.
I lightly use the tips of my nails to scratch at your chest, listening to your breath quicken as I do so. My lust and passion for you is undeniable at this point, my face is flushed and hot. I turn my face towards you softly flick my tongue over your lips, begging you to kiss me. I feel your arms tighten around me, one hand begin to descend down my back and work its way under the waistband of my pants, your fingertips brushing the line of spine and the curve of my bottom as you gently take my lips with your own and kiss me. I moan with delight and ask for more, I want to feel your kiss again and again. You smile wickedly at me for I have just given you complete control. My willpower has succumbed to your every desire and you know it. Carefully you walk me to the bed, lay me down on the brown suede and rest my head gingerly on the fluffy pillows, and then you crawl next to me, trailing your fingers along my body, letting them catch the edges of my clothing so that you expose my bare skin as you move along my torso. My breathing becomes shallow and I close my eyes, trying to enjoy your teasing ways, your romanticism, trying not to beg you.

I feel you slowly slide your hands beneath my top and cup my breast; my nipples are erect and taut, ready to be touched, yet you barely skim them with your thumb as you squeeze and massage my breasts with your hand, letting my nipple roll into the center of your palm. I feel it rub against your palm, exciting me, sending tendrils of pleasure through the center of me. My thighs begin to rub together with anticipation, my squirming is very slight but it also excites you. You lift my tank top over my head and throw it to the floor then you take my nipple into your mouth and suck it deep inside, listening to me as I stop breathing, waiting for the pleasure to subside; trying to focus on the moment. I pull your head closer to my breast, your mouth feels so good, the heat you are creating within in so strong my hips begin to rock back and forth, begging for your touch but your hand simply caresses my body, your fingers trail along my waist and the line of my pants, teasing me. Your other hand wraps beneath me holding me close to you as you kiss my breast and neck and body with lust and abounding passion. I bite my lower lip to keep myself from begging you, I promised myself I wouldn't, and I would let things develop this time. I would let you have me your way, but my need for you is so strong, my body is calling out to you.

You rise to your knees and begin to undress before me. I reach out and stroke your stomach and thighs as you remove your shirt. I lick my lips with lustful glee as you unzip your jeans and your hardness is presented to me at eye level. I look to you for approval before wetting my lips once more and slowly letting myself take the head of your shaft into my mouth. I rotate my body so that I am lying beneath you with your cock in my mouth my breasts exposed and loving the feel of you against my tongue. You let your hands drift through my hair. I moan and close my eyes with pure pleasure as I continue to stroke and tease you with my lips and tongue, tasting you, feeling you throb and pulsate inside of my mouth; wanting to bring you to orgasm with my lips. I feel your body begin to shake with the signs of pleasure and I know that you will cum soon. I rise to my hands and knees and begin to let my entire body rock back and forth against your shaft, allowing you to go deeper and deeper into my mouth. I want to taste you, you know that I do, and finally you let me. Gripping the back of my head with your fingers entangled in my hair you let me drink your passion. Swallowing it from you, licking it from my lips; I am so hot and excited, my body on fire.

I am panting as you lie me down beside you, and you begin your trail of kisses over my sensitive body. I am electrified; every part of me on fire for you, my hips squirming, and my nipples erect my breath ragged and uneven. You pause only to tell me breathe before you slowly kiss you way down my body, leaving imprints of your lips on my skin. You leave no area untouched, no place undiscovered. Your tongue traces my hip bone and rests in the softness of my inner thigh, then you blow gently across my skin, sending shivers over me watching me tremble with anticipation and need for you; you lower your head and begin to tease the outer lips of my pussy. Licking softly, slowly, determinedly watching me as my body tries to follow your tongue, listening to my moans and sighs. I reach down and run my fingers through your hair. Maintaining my promise is becoming increasing difficult as you make your way back to the top of my pussy and you let your tongue work its way between the lips, spreading them apart finding home in the soft, wet folds of my clit. My breath catches in my throat, but this time there is no one there to tell me to breathe. I spread my legs wider, inviting you to taste me, to dine on my juices and enjoy the flavor of my pussy.

You take my invitation as a begging for more and seductively slide your fingers inside as you continue to lick and suckle on my swollen clit. My sudden exhale and moan shows just how long I had held my breath and I begin to rock against you fingers. Moaning, panting; my pussy tightening and gripping your fingers, pulling them deeper inside of me; you are so proud of me and my ability not to beg that it is becoming a turn on for you. It obvious how badly I want you and yet I have asked for nothing. It is so noticeable how much I need to feel you and yet all I do is bite my lip and maintain my silence. You continue to lick and suck at my clit drawing moan after moan from my lips knowing that my resolve will soon break. Finally, you pull your fingers out and crawl up my body, letting your rock hard shaft enter me as you do. I scream with pleasure as you begin to move rhythmically, in unison with my already thrusting hips. My arms and legs wrap around you as I scream and moan your name my hands stroking the muscles of your biceps and shoulders as you drive deeper inside of me and I moan, "Don't stop".

My pussy tightening against your hardness as you plunge yourself inside, trying not to be forced out by my orgasm as I tremble beneath you, your strokes lengthening and deepening as you get closer to climax. Feeling you penetrate me completely, until our body are flush against one another; I spread myself wider allowing you to go as deep as you can, wanting you be as deep as you can be and you begin to shake with pleasure. I want your passion to fill me. I want to feel the heat of you flowing within me; finally you release, panting and trembling in my arms and we roll together so that we are side by side. I nestle myself securely in your arms and I close my eyes and ask you to tell me about your trip and you speak to me as you caress my hair and hold me close, naked in bed together.


bedroomice2003 45M

4/26/2006 5:13 am

An entire weekend with you would only be the beginning, sweetheart. You're such a good girl not to beg, but I secretly love to hear it. Why do you think I enjoy teasing you so much?

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 4/27/2006 4:26 pm:
and you do it soo well ...

hansum_strangrr 48M
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4/28/2006 9:06 am

Sweet and tender love making in it's best form. Bravo on this post. I wasn't horny until I read this. It's almost like I was there... Now that's a thought.

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 4/28/2006 9:35 am:
A thought indeed, I'm glad you enjoyed it ...

onearmpullupdude 49M  
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5/16/2006 10:07 pm

incredibly alluring

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/30/2006 1:46 pm:
{=} thank you

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