The Goddess, The Saint and The Angel Continued ...  

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5/14/2006 12:58 pm

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The Goddess, The Saint and The Angel Continued ...

Saint and Digdug were headed toward a full fledged orgasmic state by the time Goddess was up to her shoulders in liquid bliss. Digdug was buried deep in Saint’s pussy, devouring every inch of her. His tongue was flicking over her luscious clit, teasing it, dancing across it making her squirm and writhe with delight. Saint’s arms were outstretched above her head, trying to seem nonchalant and aloof but his skill and strong lips were causing her to moan with more pleasure than she had felt in months. She arched her back to allow him access deep into her pussy as a wondrous wave of pleasure flowed over her body, her cum drenching the bed and his face as her feasted upon her. She wanted to feel him inside of her but knew better than ask a human for anything. So she waited for him to continue pleasing her. She held her tongue and didn’t voice her wants as he nibbled his way up her body, tasting her hips, belly, nipple, neck and lips on his ascent towards her face. When they were eye, he maneuvered his torso so that his hardened cock slipped slowly between her legs, rubbed seductively against the folds of her womanhood and convinced her open herself up to him so that he may enter. He eased himself inside, letting each part of his dick caress every crease and crevice of her budding treasure. His cock throbbed with joy as he pushed deeper within her warmth. Her pussy pulsed and tightened around him as she found herself drawing him closer and further into inside. Both of them were lost in the feelings of utter carnal bliss; rocking together in unison, stroking one another, their moans mixed up in each other’s panting breathlessness.

All the while, Angel was growing increasing nervous as her hands and arms ached from being stretched to the four corners of the bed. The sweet, loving words of encouragement were beginning to fade into background noise as she struggled to be heard through the silk gag. Her eye searched frantically for any signs of anger or resentment in the men that seemed doomed to take her for all she was, and saw only light hearted fun and excitement. They all teased her and told her to relax; she’ll enjoy it more if she’d stop worrying so much. Her gown had been cut open to reveal her naked milky white skin; her hair was tied back so that it not hinder their plans or activities. Angel adored human men, wanted nothing more than to be worshipped and pleasured by them; and here she was tied to a bed, ready to be pleasured by four men all at once and she was petrified. Beewulf asked to be the first to touch her. He thought that gentleness would help relax her, prepare her for whatever the other three had in mind. He began by softly kissing her neck and ears, caressing her body so gently that Angel’s skin jumped beneath his fingertips. Her eyes looked deeply into his; he could tell she was enjoying it. He removed the gag and kissed her passionately on the mouth. His kissed was returned by Angel’s hungry tongue and desperate lips. He could see that she was starving for the attention of men and was immediately turned off by it. He waved at Norprin to have his fill of her, perhaps later he could partake of his Angel again, when he could no longer taste the hunger on her lips. Norprin was all too happy to accept Beewulf’s offer. He stepped to Angel’s side and took in her form. Remembering times when he was left panting over thoughts of her body or stories she had told the town folk. He was already becoming aroused and hard just looking at her so vulnerable and needy. Her nipples begging for his tongue, her pussy gently rocking back and forth as it started to become wet at the thought of being touched. He reached out to her and placed his hand upon her belly to feel the heat of her skin against his own, the moment he made contact, his arousal intensified. His cock began to throb and his mind could only focus on the barely discernible movement of her hips as they gyrated back and forth in anticipation of sex.

The bath was beginning to overflow and the bubbles and water flooded the space around the tub. Goddess’ giggles echoed throughout the small area that they were bathing in as Expat came up for air a third time. His face was covered in suds and he gasped for breath as he asked her if she enjoyed the way his tongue felt beneath the water’s surface. She simply giggled, snapped her glorious fingers and told him to save his breath. In her hand appeared a rope that was tied to a rolling cart. She pulled the cart closer to the tub and he saw that it held a vast array of every pleasurable sex toy imaginable. “Just play with me a while longer,” she cooed. His eyes lit up with glee and from beneath the bubbles his hands appeared with that carrot he had offered her upon their meeting. “Can I try this one?” he asked pleadingly. She winked at him playfully, “If you behave for a while, I might let you have a go at it ... later,” she teased. He practically jumped with delight and choose one of the toys from her treasure tray and went to work pleasing her, in hopes that he would soon get use his lucky carrot.


beewulf9 39M

5/14/2006 2:04 pm

I kiss you very gently, and I hold you. Interesting turn of events.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:49 am:
*sighs* it can only get more "intresting" from here

digdug41 50M

5/15/2006 6:24 am

GOOD GOOGA MOOGA I'M THE MAN IN THIS HEHEHE thanks for the inclusion

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:49 am:
Tee Hee

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