Strip Pool ...  

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1/23/2006 5:17 pm

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Strip Pool ...

Strip pool? Maybe you should explain the rules to me one more time. I want to be certain that I understand before I get myself into something I’ll regret. So as you start to tell me once again that we’ll be playing a tournament of pool, one on one, loser strips off a piece of clothing, winner decides which article of clothing it will be, I listen with amusement. Okay, I’m in. How many players are in this “tournament” you might wonder, well it is just the two of us, in your living room, playing on your own private table. So I walk to the wall and choose a pool stick, shaking my head, I know I’m going to lose but at least it will be fun while it lasts. Maybe by round four you’ll be distracted enough by my nakedness that I can actually have a chance at not making a total fool of myself. Between exposed breasts and alcohol, I might be able to sink a few shots tonight. I laugh to myself, who am I kidding?

You lean over the table and rack the balls up completely confident and cocky. You are so proud of your persuasive abilities. You think you were so slick convincing me to agree to this game of yours. I would have stripped for you without the game, but you didn’t know that. I’ll never tell you either. I’ll just let you keep thinking that you won some big score for the boys. Way to go cowboy. Men are so easy. You walk around to my side of the table and ask me if I’d like to break. I shrug and smile, lean forward and give it my best shot. Taking aim on that gleaming white little cue ball, my bottom swaying back and forth in my snug jeans, my breasts brushing the table I can see you trying to steal a glimpse down my top. You pretend to be sizing up my shot line. Okay, I’ll believe that, this time. I pull the stick back and make contact with the ball, the resounding clack as it bounces of the front of the triangle of waiting pool balls echoes through the room and I stand up and wait to see if anything will bank into a pocket. Rather than stay at the end of the table I walk to where you are resting against your stick and brush past you, letting my body slide along yours. There was plenty of room between you and the table but I made sure that I pressed myself tightly against you and stayed clear of the table’s edge. “I don’t want to disturb the balls” I said. You made an obvious adjustment to yourself before looking back at the table to find a good position to shoot from. I made certain I was directly across from your point of view. There was no way I was going to make this easy on you. As you pulled the stick back to take the shot, I leaned over to adjust the strap of my sandal, my shirt spilling open exposing my bra and breasts, my ass pointed straight up in the air in front of you and my long legs seeming to reach forever from the lip of the table to tips of my fingers. You ended up scratching on your first shot.

With a look of complete innocence I stood up and glanced at the table in response to your outburst of expletives that followed. “What happened?” I asked. Your mumbled response did little to explain but did let me know that it was my turn. This went on for the better part of two hours. I knew that I was outmatched. The first game ended with 4 of my balls still on the table. You tried to play it nice and suggested that my shoes come off first. “Make yourself a little more comfortable,” you say to me. After the second game my shirt was off and my bra did little to contain my breasts as I bent over to line up shots. I used this to my fullest advantage. The room was comfortable, but I noticed that you were flushed and clammy when I pressed against you to reach for my drink on the table at your side. With every shot you seemed more and more distracted. When I pulled my hair back and began to fan myself with your morning newspaper, the cue ball shot off of the table and nearly hit the window over my shoulder. Running a hand over your face to hide your embarrassment you walked to where the ball rested next to my bare foot and knelt to pick it up. Your eyes followed my legs up my body to my hip, lingering at my waist then continued to the swell of my breasts. Your tongue flicked across your dry lips as though in anticipation of a glorious wet fountain from which you could whet your mouth before finally settling upon my face. I locked eyes with you and smiled. I knew that you could feel the heat as much I could between us. There was a level of desire so intense a blind man could have felt its waves. You handed me the cue ball and turned away, determined not to show your weakness for me.

I sauntered to the table and placed the ball on the green felt. I let my fingers trace the soft felt and then glide over the polished lacquer edge before picking up my stick. I knew you were watching me from the corner of your eyes, imagining my fingers running over your body just as they had that table. I was dreaming about it too. I let my breast slip out of my bra and my nipple brush against the coolness of the table. Instantly, it awoke, erect and perk. Just waiting for human contact, but you pretended not to notice. I slid the stick between my fingers, relishing the way the wood eased through them so smoothly. You heaved a sigh of complete primal need. I watched you begin to prowl, your hunger begin to build. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before you made me yours. I took my shot and rather than watch the balls looked straight to you instead. Your face was one of complete victory; your eyes were glued to the table watching the deadly eight ball roll into the side pocket while there were still balls in play. An automatic loss of game for me, a gleam comes into your eye as the ball drops into the hole. I look to you waiting to hear the words spill from your mouth. “Take off your pants” you whisper. The words were said so quietly, but they rang out loudly enough to have been shouted directly into my ear. You started toward me, before I could even unbutton them you were in front of me. I knew the tournament was over.

You lifted me onto the edge of the pool table, the slick cold surface of its edge felt so foreign against my thigh. You were struggling with the buttons to your own pants, fumbling to tear them down as you covered me with kisses. Your lips and tongue were everywhere on my neck and face, my shoulders my breast, my nipples. My breath caught in my throat when you took them one by one into your mouth and began to suck with such ferocity that I knew you wanted all of me and nothing less. I gave in to you. You wrapped your arms behind my back and took me right there on the table, left all reason behind and caused me to moan louder than I ever thought possible. The feeling of you pressed against me, thrusting into me made my pussy scream with pleasure it had never before known. I wrapped my legs around you, drew you close to me and asked you to take me from behind. I wanted to feel you pounding against me, the power of your thrusts, your hands pulling me into you. I wanted you to cum for me.

Your grin tells me you would enjoy to see me bent over your table and I slip off the edge and turn around. As you pound and push against me, I can feel your desire and heat mounting, your moans growing, you begin to push harder more intensely and I know that you will orgasm soon. Finally you release and the shout from behind tells me that you loved the way it felt. Your hands grip my shoulders pulling me back towards you, your mouth nibbles gently on my back. As you slowly let go I feel a soft slap across my bottom, “Mmm that was great Baby!” you moan as you pull away from me. I stand up and turn around to let myself be wrapped up in your arms. “I think it is time to move this little party to the bedroom” I whisper into your ear. You take me by the hand and lead me to your bed where things have just gotten started.


beewulf9 39M

1/24/2006 11:00 am

So very sensual.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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1/24/2006 2:38 pm

beewulf9 <Angel faints, then upon awakening still sees comment left by her dear sweet friend>
Wulf! Baby! You've returned to me!!! How I've missed you! You've been gone sooo long! I'm glad you liked the post ... I'll have to re-read it and figure out what it was that called you back into my life so that I can keep the "Wulf Formula" alive. So lovely to see you again my darling, and as always, thank you.


aascrompn 43M
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1/26/2006 10:17 am

Damn! Where do i have to sign up for this tournament???

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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1/27/2006 10:18 am

well I think I may left a sign up sheet right
over there ~~~>
or maybe it was
<~~~~ over there, ah who cares! Your welcome to join the tournament any ol' time you'd like with a smile like that sweetie! lol


warmandsexy52 65M
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1/28/2006 2:40 am

Hmmmmmm! Looks like I don't have a chance of winning with your wicked distractions so let's get the pool finished as quickly as possible! There are other games to play .............

warm xx

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