Mind-blowing, Fantastic, Knee-Weakening, Amazing, Time-Stopping, Orgasmic Sex!!!  

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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9/2/2005 2:33 pm

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Mind-blowing, Fantastic, Knee-Weakening, Amazing, Time-Stopping, Orgasmic Sex!!!

How many ways can a girl say "Oh my God!". Well, I think I found about 25 different ways to express that saying this morning. Mr Nice Guy came to visit. Mr Nice Guy was in my bedroom. Mr Nice Guy was in my bed. My Nice Guy made me cum over and over and over again. Did I mention that Mr Nice Guy also gave me 2 orgasms? Oh, well he did that too. Let me set the scene, lie out the details and make all of you wish that you either had a Mr Nice Guy or were a Mr Nice Guy . . .

He got here at 9am and I wasted no time directing him right to the bedroom. I have been waiting for him, dreaming about him for so long now, there wasn't a chance in hell that I was going to wait any longer than I had to before getting his arms wrapped me and my legs wrapped around him. I was so nervous, I thought my heart was going to jump out of chest and run full speed out the door. We hugged, well actually he held me until the pounding of my heart slowed enough to speak without sounding winded. Then we started kissing. His lips were so warm, so gentle but so sure. His tongue was so confident as it slid across my mouth. The heat that flashed through my body was intense. I was weak kneed before we had even begun!

He turned me toward the bed kissing me all the while, his hands on my back, my sides, roaming all over. Everywhere he touched left traces of fire on my skin. I backed onto the bed and began to slowly creep my way towards the pillows. He stopped us, smiled at me and said he should probably take off his shoes. With an excuse to compose myself, his back turned to me, I used this as an opportunity to kiss his neck, take his shirt off and kiss his shoulders, trail my hands over his shoulders and across his chest, down his belly. Tease him with soft kisses down his back, nibble at his ears. He enjoyed every second of it, I took my time, long after he was finished getting ready to take me to bed, I was still busying myself with kissing his shoulders, neck, sides and back. Then I backed away, he stood, turned and took me in his arms. Kissed me deeply, his tongue searching inside of my mouth, his hands roaming over my body, he slowly began to lie me down on the bed again.

His hands exploring my body, his mouth covering my neck, my chest, my shoulders, my belly, my sides. His hands exploring every part of me. I begin to let my hands roam across his body as well. Touching him, sliding my hands into his pants, his bottom is so tight, his arms are so strong. I kiss his chest, I whisper in his ear that I want to touch him. Then I unbutton his pants, he rolls over and lets me take his cock in my hands. I stroke it and feel it's hardness. God it was amazing! He was amazing! I was wet over the thought of tasting him. I kissed him from mouth to hip, then he took his pants off and I kissed his thighs, groin and finally took him into my mouth and listened to him moan with pleasure. It was so wonderful to taste him. So incredible to feel him with my tongue. It was far better than everything I had expected it to be.

After I had been sucking on him for a while, he sat up, began to rub my back, shoulders, and head as I continued to stroke him with my mouth. I could tell he wanted more. I kissed my way back up to his smiling face, then he told me that I was required to begin removing some of my clothing. I took my halter top off over my head exposing my breasts to him, turned to his side and lay down next to him. He positioned himself above me and grabbed my pants at the waist and took them off of me instantly indicating that I still was overdressed, I obliged by voluntarily removing my panties on my own as he admired my naked form below him. He lowered himself to me and began to kiss my neck, working his way slowly toward my breasts. He took my nipples into his mouth. I thought for certain that I would explode just from the feeling of his hardness against me and my nipple in his mouth, but I was able to control myself. Barely.

Then this fabulously, wonderful, amazing, sexual God began to stroke his hard cock against my clit, I was so wet. Dripping with wetness. I was moaning, panting with excitment. My legs were wrapped around him, it was everything I could do not to scream out "Take me now!", instead, I just gritted my teeth, kissed his lips of wonder and continued to moan with extreme pleasure. Then the more more he stroked my clit with his hardness, the more I rose to meet him. The more I rose to meet him the faster my own willpower fell to pieces. I wanted to take it slowly, make it last, he said he could go for a long time, and he could. I crumbled! I wrapped my legs around him and begged him to plunge inside of me, "Just one time" I begged. He obliged. Then pulled back. What a tease. "Again" I pleaded. And he did. That was all it took. My cum burst out of me and pushed hard against him, my hips rocked beneath him, my body quivered, I was left panting, moaning, back arched, still thrusting against him. I didn't want it to stop. He never did. He kept going. He kept going and going and going.

Mr Nice Guy has amazing stamina. Amazing willpower. One incredible ability to please and tease. He can stop time. He made every minute seem like an eternity. I loved every moment we spent together. I loved the taste of his cum. I loved the way he let me shower him off after we were finished. I loved the way he let me take my time when I went down on him. I especially loved the fact that he said we can do it again sometime.

Oh my god! I think I have found out what mind-blowing, life-altering, fabulously, fantastic, weak-kneed, time-stopping orgasmic sex is like. I could get used to this. Thank god for men like Mr Nice Guy!!!


rm_pchamp012004 56M
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9/2/2005 3:32 pm

I thought that after the title, the story might be a little anti-climatic ... I was wrong

CuteAZguy27 40M
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9/2/2005 6:25 pm

Holy smokes young lady, Im glad that your day of Mind-blowing, Fantastic, Knee-Weakening, Amazing, Time-Stopping, Orgasmic Sex was well spent and worth your while !


69LickUPussy69 61M
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9/2/2005 7:58 pm

I love your blogs...I'd love to join in even more.

bedroomice2003 45M

9/3/2005 2:46 am

I never kiss and tell, but I had to make an exception this once so I could attempt to describe in words the many pleasures I've experienced with SweetDarlinAngel. Her sweetness and loving nature is quite disarming, and I've never felt more at ease with anyone on the first encounter as I have with her. I have never met a woman more capable of giving pleasure and being pleasured. When you are with her, you feel as though you've been touched by an angel, yet she has a naughty streak that begs to be experienced and satisfied. She was very submissive (which I love) and she made sure that I was truly treated like a king from head to toe.

As for her descriptions of my own abilities, I'm extremely flattered. But it takes two to have the kind of Mind-blowing, Fantastic, Knee-Weakening, Amazing, Time-Stopping, Orgasmic Sex that we had and I was but a small part of that intoxicating equation. For my own part, not only will we do it again and again, but I have a feeling that we'll become the best of friends as well.

Take care, sweet darling angel. Until next time.


SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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9/3/2005 8:43 am

pchamp012004 I'm glad that you were not disappointed, I'd hate to think that I didn't live up to expectations.

CuteAZGuy27 Thank you for the support and the well wishes before hand, it was well appreciated, I was beyond nervous and a cheering section is always helpful. Tee Hee

69 LickUPussy69 Thanks for reading. I'm not sure My Nice Guy would approve of a 3rd party in the bedroom, he just doesn't seem like the type.

Bedroomice2003 I think I said it all above~ but in case I didn't, God bless you! I promise not to share so much detail next time sweetie. I'll try let you keep some privacy . . .


rm_PhxGntlmn4U 50M

9/9/2005 3:27 pm

geez it got hot in here all of a sudden

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