And The Saga Goes On ...  

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And The Saga Goes On ...

After an immense wave of pleasure subsided Digdug found himself wanting to wallow in the juices of Saint’s heavenly flavor. He had begun his decent down her gorgeous body when suddenly he felt her grab his head, pull him back toward her face and reach lower for his cock. She whispered almost silently in his ear “I want to taste myself on you, Diggy.” His body melted at the mere thought of his dick nestled in her mouth. She rolled over and found him stunned into submission as he lay on his back waiting for her to do her bidding. She licked and kissed her way down his torso, lapping up the salty sweat that they had created from their love making. His entire body trembled from the contact of her lips on his flesh, like a fantasy come to life he tried to keep calm as she continued her path toward his rock hard shaft. When she came to his pelvis and licked and nibbled there, Digdug could barely contain his excitement, his cock began to leak with his pre-cum. By the time she flicked her warm wet tongue over the swollen head of his throbbing member, Digs thought for certain he would explode. Her soft wet lips stroking him from base to head and back again, eliciting moans of absolute delight from his mind and mouth. He laid his hands to rest on her beautiful head and closed his eyes, letting the glorious feeling of her tongue on his cock take him into ecstasy.

Angel gasped heavily as Norprin moved closer to her yet again. He reached down and slowly gently spread her legs apart to reveal the dripping wetness he knew to be there. His fingers trailed over her clit as he brought his hands back to her belly, wanting to feel her nipples beneath his palm he let his hands continue upwards to her heaving breasts. Watching the scene unfold before him, Rico was becoming increasingly aroused; he was seated at the foot of the bed, positioned perfectly to see Angel’s pussy open wide and still rocking gently back and forth. He began to slowly, stealthily creep between her legs licking his lips. Just as Norprin’s hands cupped Angel’s breasts; Rico’s warm wet tongue found a home upon her swollen sensitive clit. Angel moaned with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. Her legs opened wider to allow Rico access to every part of her luscious treasure. Norprin bent forward and took Angel’s nipple into his mouth and began to suck upon it with ferocity and hunger. She felt pulled in two different directions and loved every second of it. Without warning, Zranger took the other nipple into his mouth and began to bite it, sending small tendrils of pain through her body, she panted with desire for them. She felt herself being lifted up by Zranger, his strong hard body sliding beneath her, his cock rock hard against her back as he moved himself into position. Then, as if she had already been in agreement, he began to force his large, hard, lubricated dick between her ass cheeks. Rico continued to lick and suck at her pussy, opening her bottom as Zranger pushed his way inside. Angel screamed. Norprin covered her mouth with his own; the vision of watching her body arched and entered turning him on, knowing that she was being prepared for his own moment of carnal knowledge of that marvelous womanly form. Zranger began to pump into her, her screams turned into moans of pleasure as she felt his cock stroke her tight ass; slowly then faster and faster all the while her clit was being devoured by Rico’s talented, strong tongue.

Goddess let her head fall back as she enjoyed the vibrating sensations of her favorite toy tickling her clit. A small smile was creeping in at the corners of her mouth, the bubbles were still full and luxurious as she lay back and felt Expat expertly wield each one of wonderful playthings one at a time trying to figure out which ones pleased her the most. She loved being so difficult to read. Teasing the men, it was so easy to do; they just seemed to fall all over themselves trying to figure her out. The less she gave them, the harder they tried. She loved every second of it. As she lay there with her eyes closed and sighed contentedly, she felt his hands stroking her lovely golden thighs and his tongue working fervently to excite her swollen clit, then out of nowhere she felt something she had never experienced before. It was rough and thick, narrow at first then wider as it entered her deeper and deeper. She was so caught off guard she wasn’t sure if she enjoyed this new sensation or not. Expat resurfaced from beneath the water and the glimmer of mischief in his eyes told her he had introduced his lucky carrot to her precious pussy. “Please, don’t be upset my Goddess. Relax, enjoy it. I promise it will bring you pleasures you never knew possible,” he whispered. She loosened her grip on the edges of the tub, the fire in her eyes began to subside and she allowed him to continue his stroking with the carrot. It felt good, different, and interesting. She would let him finish what he started and if he failed to deliver what he promised, she would simply kill him where he stood. He knew his fate if he crossed her. So she sat back and enjoyed the feeling of his rough raw carrot entering her creamy wet pussy and Goddess began to think she may have found a new toy.


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youse a wiiiiild gurl DAYUUUM!

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SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:46 am:
you love it.

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Oh dear this what I have been missing?????????


I love it........thank you.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:47 am:
anytime babe *giggles*

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SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:47 am:
*licks lips* tell me about it, it's been clogging up my brain for weeks now!

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