Aftershocks ...  

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Aftershocks ...

Saint looked at Digdug a playful smile spread across her face. She knew that her climaxes had not been that fulfilling in years. Digdug’s body still trembled from his multiple orgasms. It was amazing to be so content with one being. Saint was a dream come true. He melted against her body, she cooed softly as she caressed his back, and he kissed her smooth, soft skin. They lay here peacefully, resting in the bliss they had created for one another. With a gleam in her eye, Saint held onto Digdug and knew he needed to recoup his energy. She was going to use him again before she left.

Angel was being pounded and stroked in every hole. Her lips were wrapped so tightly around Norprin’s cock that even though he was the last to have entered her body, he was still able to cum at the same moment as the others. Angel’s body clenched and squeezed so hot and tightly around each of them that they struggled to drive into her. Zranger had to rely on Rico’s strength to push Angel’s body down on top of him with each of his thrusts and Rico was using Angel’s rhythmic breathing to help him keep his motion going. Her body pulsated perfectly, her moans echoed through her body, causing the most sublime vibrations deep inside of her. All three men exploded at once filling her with their lust so completely that Angel was overcome with it. It was dripping out of every orifice; she swallowed all she could of Norprin’s passion before it spilled over lips. Her pussy was overflowing; her tight bottom was leaking with it as the softening satisfied cocks slid out and left her panting form lying on the bed. As Zranger, Rico and Norprin stumbled to nearby chairs to congratulate themselves on a job well done; Angel was left still tied to the bed, wondering if she had been forgotten. Her mind raced “Was that all the humans wanted her for?” Suddenly she felt a warmth at her side and turned to see that Beewulf had returned. His smile was genuine and the concern in his eyes was deep enough to cause her heart to sink in her chest. In his hands he held a soft sponge, lotion, and small tub of water; he was going to clean her up after the others had used her body. She bit her lip in embarrassment for her earlier reaction to him. He showed her his offering and she nodded. He sat on the bed next to her and carefully untied her wrists and ankles, then began to massage the muscles that had been so strained holding them in place. He used the sponge to clean away every trace of the other three’s lust and passion from her body and face until she felt fresh and clean again. He placed the lotion upon her body to bring the smell of freshness that always followed her wherever she went. Then he bent over and softly kissed her. This time her kiss wasn’t hungry. It was soft and seductive, it was Angelic in return.

Her pause was almost indiscernible when his lucky carrot slid into her fantastic ass. But everything was feeling so perfectly wonderful that she didn’t question him. He had been so well-behaved up until then, and had delivered upon everything he said he would. His strokes became more ferverent; and his carrot drove deeper. Without warning, Goddess let out a wailing scream of pleasure that rocked the entire platform and caused the human audience to drop to their knees. Expat’s cock felt as though it had been trapped with in a vice and held there during her explosive orgasm. Her body shuddered and shook. Her eyes rolled back in her head and then she collapsed silently against the tub’s edge, water splashing over the side. Expat wasn’t sure whether he should continue to his own climax or not until she began to moan gently urging him on. He stroked her, his excitement growing yet again and he knew he had already made a great impression on his marvelous Goddess.


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5/17/2006 9:25 pm

GOOD GOOGA MOOGA yer just toooooooo much but you know this already

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Runs back to the shower again, having read another of Angel's salacious stories.......

More steam rises and the hot water's off!

warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/22/2006 11:22 am:
You'll be okay ... it's that Arizona heat still simmering it's way out of your pores.

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