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6/27/2006 12:47 pm

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How do people feel about spanking? I know there are mixed opinions on it. Personally, I have never done it or had it done. But have thought about it. Its kind of a turn on just thinking about it. Maybe its wanting someone to just take control. I dunno. Never have had that either and not real sure how I feel about it.
I think it would be alot easier if I had someone in my life I was comfortable enough with, to share these thoughts, but I am working on that. Doesn't do anything right now tho, to help get me thru the wanting/needing sex times. Ahh, but I do have my vibrator, and can put that to good use. Just not nearly as good as warm human touch. Nothing takes the place of that.

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6/27/2006 8:15 pm

Hmmmm....Let me count the ways. First I am a staunch believer in discipline and spanking.
Spanking is a turn on for many adult women. I have a cloose friend that went to a party at her friends house. She was introduced to a man at the party and became infatuated with him. She was very flirtacious and without being cognisant of what was happening became intoxicated on the liquor she had consumed. Her actions betrayed her true self in that she was contiously spreading her legs and leaning forward, allowing anyone present to view her panty covered crotch and most of her breasts. She allowed her skirt to ride up and at this point the man took her by the hand and marched her to his car.
My friend would not have gone willingly had not she been enibriated by liquor. (not without knowing the gentleman better.) The next thing she realised was that they were pulling into a garage and after entering the garage door closed.
That night he took her into his house and introduced her into spanking. He fucked her several times and spanked her each time. In addition he fucked her in the ass. That was the first for anal intercourse adn spanking. The following morning she felt that she had acted like a whore. She left his home as quickly as possible
without saying goodbye or attempting to apologise.
A week later she recieved a call from the man. She was extremly embarassed, and said that she was so sorry for ther way she had acted and begged his forgivness. He said he would like to meet her again but felt that it was necessary to inform her that he beleived in domestic discipline and that anyone he was involved with should look forward to regular spanking, paddlings and anal intercourse.
Further that, because of her previous actions, she shold expect to be
severly punished before any type of relationship could evan be cconsidered. He left his number and told her to call him at precisly
6PM with a decision. This gave her three hours to decide. Her first impulse was hell no...Three hours later she was on the phone accepting his terms. He told her to be at his house the following day at 10AM and not to be late. She arrived 5 minutes late do to traffic problems. He told her to come in and to immediatly remove her clothing. She followed instructions. He had her lay acrossher lap and spanked her with his hand. As each spank landed it seemed that it was harde then the previous one. He gave her ten on each cheek. Her ass was already crimsonred. He ran his hand across her tender cheeks and then cupped her wet cunt. He slipped two fingers into her slippery pussy. She felt like she was on fire. Just as quickly he pulled the fingers out and held them up to her face where she eaggerly licked and sucked them into her mouth. She repeated this action several times. He asked her if she wished to continue. She felt that he was going to fuck her. She said she wished to go on. He placed a pillow under her stomach and tied her hands and feet to the bed leaving her in a spread eagleed position. Next he grabbed a ping pong paddle and proceeded to spank her ass alternating from one cheek to the next, Again each one was harder then the one before
and in fact were causing discomfort and pain. She had tears running down her cheeks but found her self moaning and with great sexual excitemnet. He repeated the question again and asked her if he should continue. Her answer was yes sir. He pulled out a horse whip and started to whip her. U culd see the welts rising. 5 times on both cheeks. The welts and brusies were plain to see across her legs ass and back. He took her into his arms and kisseed her until she fell asleep. Later they married. He disciplines her on a regular basis many times just for thw fun of enjoying her. If he is dealing with a real problem he will use the whip and/or his belt.

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6/29/2006 10:43 am

Have joked about loving it for years - but was never interested enough to do it - until recently - it seems to have slipped its way into use on an occasion or two. I have found that the ladys like it - and it certainly did not make me go soft the first time I felt the light sting - arousing when done with the right touch and with the right person.

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