Life's Journey...  

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7/31/2006 4:34 am

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8/9/2006 7:27 pm

Life's Journey...

All through life's journey...
the heart always finds its way

The old saying goes.... what doesn't kill us,
makes us stronger. And I suppose that also means, it makes the heart stronger, and maybe our resolve as well.

I have made it thru many tough years, the hardest being the last 6 of my life. When my children were younger, I thought those were hard years. I was a stay at home mom, and am so glad that is what I did. Even tho, it didn't give me any experience in the work field as far as jobs go, I am still very glad I stayed home when my kids were young. I think it gave them security knowing I was there waiting for them. I was blessed to be able to. Money was always tight, but we made it. I was your typical mom, cooking dinners each night, sometimes having fresh cookies waiting for the kids when they got off the bus after school (I know, sickening isn't it?)(Not really)

The one thing being a stay at home mom didn't do for me was prepare me for what was to happen to me after the kids got out of school, when my ex decided he would rather be with someone 16 years my junior. I had to go to work outside the home, and have been working long, hard hours for 8 years now. Emotionally, these last years have been the hardest of my life. I have had to do sooooo many things on my own, things that he took care of before. I, honestly, did not think I would make it. I cried hundreds of thousands of tears.... But the point is.....

I MADE IT !!!!!

I know how to take off a deadbolt and put a new one on a door, to change a lock. I have totally supported myself financially and lived alone for the first time in my life, in my very own apartment, fixing things as was needed. I have fallen in love 2 times along the way and been hurt again and again..... finding men that seemed to want a relationship only to have things turn around on me and leave me standing alone, for one reason or another. But still, I made it. And I am stronger for it. Nothing, as yet, has killed me. Although I am tired of being alone emotionally and physically, I made it!!

Ok so point taken, and since it is proven that I can make it alone....... where are you, Mr Right??
I am ready. Knock on my door anytime now.

Um, please....

You won't have to change the oil in my car, I can take care of that myself. I know how to do alot of things for myself I didn't use to know how to do. All you need do, is love me. Just love me, simply love me.


chef953 64M

7/31/2006 10:06 am

Hi Suzie, it was the waking up alone in bed that got to me more than anything else after I had gotten divorced. Being alone can be a very tiresome, vexing situation. You are stronger now then you have ever been, you do have more to offer in a relationship then ever before from the experiences you've had the last 6yrs, your children are grown and surviving as you taught them. Life is good, precious and fulfilling the more we look around.

What makes you happy all by yourself? For me writing is beginning to fill that space... Well, and a bit of hope here and there for just a few more shared experiences. But we are sharing them already aren't we?

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