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Here is a story about me, true in all regards. It is the point in my life where I went from a selfish boy to something else.

Her name was M and she lived in Destin Florida. I met her in a night club called the “High Tide” in Fort Walton Beach Florida. I don’t know if this lunge / sea food restaurant still exists, but I am willing to wager that it does. Back then, it had a small comfortable lounge that often had an in house band that played popular songs from the 90s. There were other night clubs in the area geared more for the younger crowd in the same area, but I preferred this one. To be honest, I went to this place because older women went there, women that wanted young guys, and they didn’t beat around the bush, or play mind games.

She was in the lounge with her friend. I was drunk, and found her interesting, and attractive for a women that later confessed to me she was 55 years old. We danced, and drank, and at the end of the night, like the inexperienced little boy I was, I asked her if I could go home with her. But like any self respecting women would, she said no, but she would see me again the following night if I was interested. I said yes.

The next night, I was sober, but she was dress to kill. I mean, she was really beautiful. I remember we ate, danced and drank, and then at the end of the night, she asked me to come to her home, and I agreed. She drove me to her condo on the beach and I left my car at the lounge. These were the days in the US when drinking and driving was not that big of a deal, but she was not too drunk anyway. Her condo was right on the beach, two floors with two bedrooms. A really nice place that I learned later she got during her divorce with her husband, who was a millionaire banker.

At no time did I ever think that I had hit the financial jackpot. I was not interested in her money, or how I could get some of it. I was interested in her. You might ask how a 23 year old boy could be interested in a 55 year old woman. I don’t remember exactly why, but I do remember that I found her to be very exotic, and intriguing. I think mostly because she was older, and sophisticated, and not a little girl, but a woman.

I remember when we got to her bed room, she was telling me, “Baby, just relax and go with it.” She repeated that several times. I think that she feared that I would back out, but I had no intention of doing that. I wanted her as much as she seemed to want me. That night was filled with a lot of touching, breathing, and scents, all new to me. Sweat covered us both even in the cool air conditioned environment of her condo. It was truly an eye opener, the power of an experienced woman as opposed to a meager girl.

We saw each other regularly for the entire summer. We shared a lot of good times, and a lot of sex, but at last, her body couldn’t take my youthful vigor. She came home from her gynecologist, and told me the doctor told her she was having too much sex, and the inner walls of her vagina could not heal as fast as a young girl. We split ways soon after that.

But I took from that relationship a number to things:

1. How to kiss a woman. How to slide my hand up her neck and behind her head, cradling it as I gently kiss her. How to run my hands gently through her hair. How to kiss her neck, and nibble her ear lobes.
2. How to massage a woman, and knead all the tension from her joints and muscles, and totally relax her.
3. How to kiss and explore her entire body. How to explore her vagina with my mouth, and drink the prizes of her jubilation.
4. How to penetrate her, from whichever angel she wished, to offer to her varied amounts of depth and tempo that she required to reach orgasm.
5. How to control myself with mental distraction, to stop my own orgasm to ensure a flood of them for her.

These were all valuable lessons that no young girl could have taught. These lessons taught me how to please a woman, by a woman that knew how too gently instruct an inexperienced boy.

I implore you women to pass your knowledge, your expertise and experience on to the young men out there. They need the instruction badly, and only you can truly show them how to please a woman. We men can not teach them this. It must be learned through hands on experience from a loving, caring woman that wishes to teach, and enjoy the studies of her pupil.

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8/1/2006 6:17 pm

It is a wonderous thing to have somebody with patience and understanding allow you to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Supervy_Sage replies on 8/2/2006 1:54 pm:
I agree 110%, especially when it feels so good learning.

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