Playtimes at a certain hotel  

SunniBi 62M/55F
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3/13/2006 1:54 pm

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Playtimes at a certain hotel

Now I've been going to Blackpool all my adult life (former cage dancer at Sands!) Sometime ago we found a swingers hotel in Blackpool.

Obviously I knew of them just never been. Not really into swingers clubs as they a bit like a meat market and I don't like queueing for the playrooms! Also No means No in my book. Some folks seem to think because we are swingers, that we are at it like bunnies at the drop of a hat. Well folks it isn't like that for me.......... if we don't fancy the people concerned then NOTHING should happen. Mind you we have made some great friends with people that we will never play with.

Being at the hotel is a welcome release from family life as well as a thoroughly enjoyable time any time we want Also you can close your bedroom door and have all the privacy you want.

Now this hotel is owned by and run by swingers (though they don't play with the guests) and only swingers can book in....... so it means only folks of like minds are there!

Now I've been Bi since I was 15/16 and to be honest I do like the ladies. For a long time i wasn't really into fellas, apart from my other half but I even attend some of the greedy girls nights now!

Difference is, I am in control of my sexuality for the first time since my late teens............ 2 previous husbands were control freaks and couldn't handle me being Bi! Now with a loving caring partner I feel like a new woman (and find them too hehehehehe)

The pic? Oh thats the just shagged look

Maybe I will tell you of some of our adventures there another time

a tired but happy SunniBiFem

allenswife12 52M/45F

9/23/2007 1:47 pm

would love to hear of your hotel adventures,would love to see you with jane ithink you sound as if you can give her what she needs mmmmmmm.hotel sounds good we go to blackpool a lot never known about swinging hotel need to give me more info, allen and jane xxx

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