The Kiss That Never Was  

SunneyOne 45F
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2/16/2006 1:33 pm

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The Kiss That Never Was

Once upon a time, there was a girl (okay, it’s me, but play along). She was a lovely damsel who slaved away in the Kingdom of Law Office for many, many noblemen. One day, a nobleman entered the kingdom who caught her eye. He had dancing eyes, a wide smile and an infectious laugh. The damsel was smitten. Alas, the nobleman was wed to another, so the damsel was left to gaze upon him from her tower, with only a wistful sigh to float with her kisses to him on the breeze.

This nobleman had occasion to work closely with the damsel over the years. They shared a love of sushi and often partook of it together. (Is partook the past tense of partake?) Over bits of raw fish, they forged a friendship, and still, the damsel felt the fluttering of butterfly wings within herself in his presence. The damsel was unaware whether or not the nobleman knew of her ill-fated affections, but it mattered not to her. Over time, she was grateful just for his friendship and only teased him with flirtation when it was safe. Yet, the damsel kept her distance lest they be drawn together like magnets.

The day came when the damsel prepared to move from the kingdom. She packed her things and set her affairs in order. Soon, it was time to bid adieu to the nobleman. Their last meeting would be a sushi lunch, like many others they had shared, but different in that it was the last. As the day approached, the damsel considered confessing her affections to the nobleman, the gentle school-girl crush she had, the butterflies, the blush that covered her cheeks, and her secret desire for a kiss.

The nobleman escorted the damsel to her trusty steed (okay, her car) and said his goodbyes. Yet, the damsel’s tongue was tied. In the fleeting moment of farewell, she could not ask for his kiss or confess her affection. The damsel realized that perhaps the fluttering of the butterflies wouldn’t be as magical if they were released from their hiding place inside her. In truth, is magic still magic when you know how it’s done? When one has found all of the answers to all of the secrets and questions, what reason does one have to continue?

And so the damsel feathered a kiss to his cheek and said goodbye. The magic of the kiss stayed in her heart. But, as magic does, it can not stay contained, and the magic danced out of it’s secret hiding place. The magic of the kiss that never was danced like fireflies through her heart until it lit up a kiss that was, the last kiss she had, the next she’d receive, and twinkled its magic on them.

The damsel rode away on her gray steed and smiled her secret smile, let go of her secret crush, and felt the promise of a kiss yet to come. As she rode towards her new kingdom, she rode ever closer to the waiting lips of a knight with the kiss to melt her soul.

Kaliedascope61 43M
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2/16/2006 3:33 pm

Very sweet story, thank you.

MONA_14 31F

2/16/2006 4:44 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

justwhattosee 62M
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2/16/2006 7:22 pm

Reminds me of high school so many years ago? Still sweet!

rm_bigchoklatdk 46M

2/17/2006 8:19 pm

Yep....I know the feelin' all too well

frangipanigal 46F
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2/18/2006 1:15 am

I feel it in mt bones.....a gorgeous, new, unwed, sushi loving knight coming your way at the new kingdom.

Make sure you tell su all about him when it happens and no asparagus on the first sleep over OK!!!

Frangi x

SunneyOne 45F

2/18/2006 4:48 am

Good lordy, frangi, I'd just squeeze the stuffins outta you if I could. You're so cute.

Thanks for the comments, all.

rm_JohnMacLaine 51M
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2/19/2006 5:52 am


I too know the feeling of caring for someone yet could not bring myself to tell them..

Very nice post, well written..

Best of luck in GA,



"I can retain neither respect or affection for a government which has been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its own immorality" Mahatma Ghandi

CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
553 posts
2/19/2006 2:22 pm

Love post.

heavensent1123 53F

2/22/2006 3:09 pm

NEVER stop looking Jodi, and NEVER settle for anything less than your prince. Your an amazing person with a really big heart, I'll miss you and your blogs and your kind words to everyone you meet, your a rare person, he'll find you, I know he will.

SunneyOne 45F

2/23/2006 4:00 am

Awww heaven punkin!! Big hugs for you. I'll be around, here. Just not in Tampa. Keep in touch.

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