The Kindness of Friends  

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7/22/2005 9:07 am

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The Kindness of Friends

I am not sure why, but I am so touched when a friend goes out of their way to be kind. I suppose that is what friends do, idealistically. But lately, I’ve been rather disappointed with the human race in general, so it was very touching to find someone to salvage that.

As indicated, I’ve had a rough few days. I am usually pretty open about reaching out for help or a shoulder to cry on. But this time, and maybe one other time in my life, I seem to have drawn in to myself. I don’t like that; it isn’t me. I also don’t like dwelling on things. I believe in picking up, moving on and getting over it. But there are times, like last night, when you just don’t want to be alone and you NEED human contact. That was me. But at the same time, I was kind of fragile. If it had come with expectations or any problems, it would have really been too much to handle.

A friend called yesterday, and after telling him what happened, I asked for company. He came over with all the provisions: a bottle of wine, 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s and a salad, because he was sure I hadn’t eaten. We watched a movie and just talked for a while about work, our apartments and stuff. He was there for me to lean on, physically and emotionally, with zero expectation of more.

I said thank you more than once. But really, he probably has no idea what that really meant to me, how much better it made me feel. Maybe he’ll read this and know. And if you do, C, thank you… again. I can’t begin to express … well… you know. Just.. thanks.

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