SunneyOne 45F
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1/26/2006 8:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Alright, I haven’t dished about meeting someone or whatnot in ages. I wasn’t planning on doing it again at all. However, today, I am giddy. Today is Thursday. And tomorrow I’m meeting someone from here that I didn’t think I was ever going to meet. He doesn’t live near here, at all, but just happens to be in town.

Normally, that goes against my “rules”. However, those “rules” have been altered slightly for a variety of reasons. First of all, I’m moving, so I’m not dating. Secondly, I’ve been talking with this guy for a very long time, longer than probably anyone else on here. When I say talking, I mean it in a very casual sense. We haven’t exchanged explicit emails or anything like that (pervs).

So no, if you are coming here on vacation, I will not go out with you ‒ probably. Unless, well.. nevermind. I just won’t.

But this gent is one of the sweetest, smartest, sexiest men I have had the pleasure of knowing. I can’t wait to actually sit and talk to him, face to face, to actually converse instead of commenting. Oh all right, one of his pics is a huge turn on for me too. (I’m blushing.)

Don’t even guess. Don’t try to figure it out. You won’t. And I’m not telling. It doesn’t matter. What does matter… is that I’m giddy with excitement. I think I’m going to have to wear my boots, and some very cute panties. Just in case.

JudeL5 47M  
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1/26/2006 9:41 am

Have a good time ... and BOOTS?!!! Ouch... sounds to me like cute, wet panties are on the way...

SunneyOne 45F

1/26/2006 11:05 am

Jude - Yeah, I haul out the boots when I mean business. Well...not business, but, you know what I mean.

AltumHunksUnite 54M

1/26/2006 11:13 am


So... are we gonna hear about it later or what?

Let me drive. I like the view

hereforyou6217 44M
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1/26/2006 11:30 am

Well, it sounds like you'll have a good time, hon. Hope it's everything you hope it'll be!

rm_VoodooGuru1 50M
2053 posts
1/26/2006 2:25 pm

"... one of the sweetest, smartest, sexiest men I have had the pleasure of knowing."

Huh? Sunney, I'm not gonna be in the 'Burg tomorrow.

rm_SlickWilly67 51M
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1/26/2006 3:56 pm

Personally, I'd recommend no panties at all...

lifes2short069 49M
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1/26/2006 5:49 pm

man am i glad i checked your calander

well hope you have a great time- guess i wont be stopping by after work for a suprise( - guess i'll drink the wine myself

i'll catch up on the details l8r - - if you share

l8r babe

fantasylover_05 63M

1/26/2006 6:32 pm

I am happy for you Sunny!!

I do hope you have a good time and get lucky!

Isn't that giddy... excited... nervous.... aroused... ll mixed together just GREAT??? LOL

elysianpleasure 48M

1/26/2006 7:48 pm

Great... have a good time.

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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1/26/2006 8:34 pm

You go girl !!! Giddy up go Daddy, Giddy up go !!!!!! Cabo !!!

SunneyOne 45F

1/27/2006 3:25 am

Cabo, you always make me laugh.

L2S - Uh huh, right. Haven't heard from you in days, you don't know where I live, and I make plans in advance. You know how to get ahold of me, hotness.

Thanks for the well wishes, guys.

salamii6699 39M
63 posts
1/27/2006 4:45 am

hey i enjoy reading your blog. keep writing!!!

Cowboy_Deluxe 39M

1/27/2006 6:36 am

Thats what it is about! Meeting people from here..have a damn hot time!

SunneyOne 45F

1/27/2006 12:24 pm

salami - Aww, thank you! I appreciate your taking time to read my rambling.

Cowboy - Dear God, that is one very hot arm and chest. Mouth is dry, can't speak. Yes, thank you, I'll try...Sir.

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