Conspicuous Absence  

SunneyOne 45F
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3/11/2006 1:30 pm

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3/18/2006 3:22 pm

Conspicuous Absence

I know, I know. I haven't posted in ages. It seems that settling in takes a good bit of time. I'm close though. I have this thing where I am neurotic about things being undone, not right, not set. I can't leave boxes unpacked, furniture not where it should be, etc. While most normal people realize that a house or residence of any sort is a work in progress, not me. I like things to be "done" which of course takes money and time.

Well, the only thing left to be "done" is my patio. I am looking for some plants, a grill and a cute little patio set. (read: not plastic) Everything else is all set up and arranged. I still need some art for my bedroom, but pretty much, done.

I've worked an entire week and am starting to get settled in there as well. I can't believe how nice the people are, and how much I am enjoying the challenge of switching legal sides. I still eat dinner with my mom most nights, or my aunt, or grandparents. I like it that way for now.

At any rate, this is a pic of my living room. As you can see.... done. Which explains my rather conspicuous absence.

rm_anacortes 75M
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3/11/2006 7:40 pm

Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm_Lookalike 53M
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3/17/2006 8:11 pm

I can sometimes be very bad procrastinator about starting some projects because I want to be able to be finished. I dislike leaving projects unfinished.
Oh, and congratulations on getting moved in.

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