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Anime / Fuck Monster

~~ Disclaimer: I usually do not like anime. It looks too much like children for me, and, well, it just isn’t real. However, I found this pic this morning and it fueled a bit of a fantasy. I’ve never written about something sci-fi or total fantasy, so hopefully this won’t be so far fetched that it can’t get you (and me) off. We’ll see. End of disclaimer. ~~

She was a regular girl, a “good girl” by some people’s standards. She was the girl next door, any girl, and at times, very average. Sure, there were some who found her sexy, or cute, and maybe one or two that thought she was beautiful. But for the most part, she was just there. She went to work every day, same time, same place, and came back home. Now and then, she went out with her friends, maybe with a guy. But, for the most part, her life had become rather mundane. Until…until it happened.

It started slowly, at first. Almost like a dream. She’d wake in the morning, vaguely remembering having a very erotic dream, and she’d be turned on. The images were never clear. It was dark, but she remembered touches that left her breathless, in intimate places, but insistent, like she had never been touched before. Expert, not like the men she had been with, different somehow.

The dreams progressed and occurred every night. It was as if her dream lover knew her body inside and out, yet challenged and pushed her, showing her new pleasures. These dreams were her secret, her private guilty pleasure. She found herself going to bed earlier and earlier every night, in an attempt to give herself more time with her mysterious dream lover. And he did not disappoint.

Every night, when she fell asleep, her dream lover would come to her, teasing her with kisses and caresses until her body undulated its need, begging for more. Yet, he always slipped away before she awoke, glistening with perspiration, chest heaving, pussy soaked. She became obsessed with who this could be, and why the dreams continued.

Soon, the dreams became more than that. She sometimes felt as if she were awake, but drugged, as if she were actually in her room and just could not see her lover. She would reach out, only to have her hand drawn back to the bed, held down. His voice was velvet and deep when he began to talk to her. She answered out loud; she wasn’t sure why. But, she felt that she should, and somehow, her dream lover responded.

He told her want he wanted her to do to herself, how he wanted her to touch herself. He told her that one day, he would take her into his world, and then she would be all his, experiencing pleasure she could not imagine.

It was a night a few days later when everything changed. She was in the midst of having her petals opened, her sex petted by her lover, teased to the point of distraction, when suddenly, she had a moment of clarity. She blinked, and instead of seeing the face she had made up for her dream lover, she saw a monster, something that looked like an alien. She screamed and fought, yet it held her still. Such a shock it was, she was jolted awake.

She did not want to go back to sleep for fear of it. This dream lover had gone from something so intensely pleasurable, to a deep fear. She did not allow herself to feel pleasure, to feel the throb in her breasts and clit, and pushed that portion of herself far away. Her lover watched, and waited, trying to give her time. It was not his intention to force the issue, but instead, to woo her gently, but she was no longer cooperating. He would not wait for long.

The more she denied herself pleasure, the more intent he was on providing it. And, if he had to reveal himself, in all of his power, to do so, then he’d do just that.

He waited, just on the other side of her consciousness, for her to fall asleep. Where he was from, he was equipped with a mind altering drug, easily injectable to make her feel as if she were sleeping. It eased the fright when dealing with humans. Earthlings had always had a fear of the unknown. But not tonight. Tonight, she would see him.

When her breathing became deep, he made his move. He was like a dark octopus, one body, somewhat human, with a fearsome face, with many extremities. Each extremity had the ability to take shape. He could have many cocks, fingers, tongues, whatever he chose. For now, he used them as rope, to gather her to him, holding her wrists and ankles together, and taking her where her screams would not be heard.

She was wide awake by this time, her heart pounding in fear. Yet, even as he held her fast, one arm was wedged between her thighs, idly rubbing her slit. She squirmed and thrashed, trying to get away, but it was no use. He separated her wrists and arms, using one of his extremities to hold each, holding her spread eagled. She looked up in alarm, he seemed to have an endless supply of arms. In his velvet voice, he cooed, “Scream all you want. We like it here.”

And when she opened her mouth to scream, an arm turned to a cock and forced it’s way into her mouth. She tried to bite, but it was hard as a rock, and throbbing in the most sexual of ways in her mouth. She had no choice but to suck, and she found that somewhere inside, that was what she wanted to do after all. Another hand caressed her face, her throat, collar bones and made lazy circles around her breasts. Her nipples were tweaked, pinched, and sucked, somehow with the same strange alien arms. Both, at the same time. Meanwhile, the arms had stretched her thighs wide, and another teased her clit.

She tried to fight it, to struggle, but her reserve was melting away. She turned her head to the side, trying to imagine anything except the alien that leered down at her, the scary and strange testosterone personified. Try as she might, she could not hide the fact that it made her pussy drool and her nipples hard. The arm teased her clit, circling, pressing it slightly. Another began gently probing her cunt, opening her, just barely in and out. It made her thrust her hips in the most lewd of fashions, aching for more. Her body betrayed her to this monster, and she could not get enough.

She came, gushing, but angry again as relief flooded through her. She began to fight again and other arms held her upper arms, her waist, but tickled her sides and squeezed the curved and generous cheeks of her ass at the same time. Like hands, they plied her ass, gripping it, pulling it open. Pushing her hips up, despite her fight to keep them down. They pushed her hips up to accept the tentacles at her pussy. The one on her clit now resembled a tongue, endlessly lapping at her while the other mercilessly teased her cunnyhole. She knew she needed to be fucked, good and hard, yet, this creature would not give it to her.

The arms at her ass pulled it apart, rimming her asshole. Her juices had run down her crack, but out of the ends of these tentacles came another substance, something remarkably slippery, with the slightest bit of something to ease the pain. Truth be known, this creature took its pleasure from each arm, as if every one of its tentacles were a cock, all capable of orgasm in their own way.

She became nothing more than a writhing slut, panting for use, aching to be taken and fucked. When she was at the point of orgasm again, this time, a tentacle expanded, hardened into an impossibly large cock and slid into her pussy. Her pussy lips stretched obscenely around the oily black tentacle, that nosed its way inside her. A few hard thrusts, while still lapping at her clit, and she came again. The arm changed shape, curling, upwards. She struggled, half heartedly, but only because she did not believe she could take more pleasure.

Yet the arm curled, withdrawing, until it found that magical spongy spot and began to press, rubbing her inner g-spot, all the while tweaking her nipples, lapping at her clit, and gently opening her ass. Back and forth on the spot. She babbled incoherently. The more she moaned and mewled, the harder the tentacles got. When finally, one more rub and she began to cum. She arched her back sharply, breasts heaving, and the orgasm squirted out, spraying on the creature’s arm.

That was enough to melt his last vestige of control. Two arms held her ass open, another formed a thick phallus and pushed into her asshole, taking her ass. The small curve in her pussy expanded again to a thick phallus. She was skewered, taken from both holes and fucked hard. One in, the other out, backwards and forwards. She flopped around like a rag doll, held in the many arms of the alien. She whined and squealed, her orgasms melting into each other, continuous.

The creature fucked her, hard, in both holes, like a machine gun. Battering her. Again and again she came, slathering her wetness on the groping tentacles. When she had cum so much that she was barely conscious, the creature could wait no longer for its release. The cocks all swelled in unison, and together, they began to jet ropes of thick white cum inside her. They filled her ass and her pussy, making lewd squishing noises as it continued to thrust, frothing her pussy.

The last few thrusts were like punctuation on the story of her taking. When he had had his fill of her, he passed her through the chamber where she was cleaned, all evidence removed, and her memory erased. She was returned to her bed in a deep sleep. In the morning, when she awoke, she wasn’t sure why, but her pussy and ass ached like she was a two dollar whore, and for some reason, that made her slide one hand under the covers where she began to finger herself, for no apparent reason.

master1027 60M
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10/27/2005 1:50 pm

dreamweaver13461 69M
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10/27/2005 9:20 pm

Sunny, you have the most sexy, erotic, nasty/naughty imagination I have run across here. If we were sitting on the couch and I read that we would not be "sitting" for long, as it is I will just have to take care of "things" myself.............

(Juan S)
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10/28/2005 4:49 am

Almost like making love to a drummer... I should know, I play drums...

SunneyOne 45F

10/28/2005 8:22 am

And do you have 8 arms?

rm_JRH1108 49F
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10/29/2005 2:17 am

OK where can I find this ailien? This is owesome writing and even more owesom of a fantasy! You can bet it made me wet.

anchcpl4fun 41M/45F

10/29/2005 2:37 am

its very odd in an erotic way. well rittenkept me reading

SunneyOne 45F

10/29/2005 5:57 am

JRH - well then, mission accomplished.

anchcpl - *giggle* Thanks. It IS odd, but that was kind of the point, just something different.

rm_erotictoon 48M

10/29/2005 8:16 am

Whew! Good stuff! I was actually thinking of posting a similar alien sexual encounter, but this cinched it. In my encounter, I'll be having weird alien sex with Oola, the green-skinned erotic dancer for Jabba the Hutt from Return of the Jedi. Yeah, yeah... the one that got dropped through the trap door when Jabba pulled her chain for some nooky and she resisted.

Anyway, yeah, it got me off, all right. I've seen some similar anime porn, though I'm not a particular fan of anime in general...

Butt... (heh-heh) any story with a woman getting anal action gets me off, but when she's getting it in multiple holes with the same, well, fella... being, whatever... I don't think I'll be able to type my story just now.

Hmm... I'm trying to keep my hands dry till I finish typing. I'm just sorta rubbing my cock against a towel I keep on my computer chair for moments like this (between it and a sweatshirt), to keep me going until I can finish typing a shorter, Halloween story... without getting my fingers sticky (at least not yet)!

Well, Halloween is my birthday, anyway... (At this point, most folks say, "Oh, NOW I understand...")

I think I'll post that.

Thanks in advance for a yummy orgasm. Stop by my blog and I'll try to return the favor with one of my erotic stories, and that aforementioned, forthcoming Oola Erotic Alien Encounter.

rm_erotictoon 48M

10/30/2005 7:38 am


One more quick question, SunneyOne.

Since I read your story (and I'd like to read more), I couldn't help wondering this perhaps obvious question... have you tried anal and/or do you enjoy it? If so, is there any chance you'll share those encounters with us?

Thanks in advance from a self-confessed "Derriere Junkie."

Visit my blog for more "Anal Adventures!"

rm_anacortes 75M
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10/30/2005 8:39 pm

One thing leads to another... a picture..makes a mental connection..the process is started.. a trip commences.. destination unknown..

Playboy airbrushed images.. so clean.. so American.. ripe to be picked by a similarly American "boy"..

In this case the image is posessed by an "American girl".. a pure clean one who is NEVER BAD.. but she can be made to know the depraved.. she can be used and "enjoy" it..

The closing of the eyes at the day's end is a surrender to the need to rest and rejuvinate.. however, the MIND NEVER SLEEPS.. it has a life of its own.. these dreams decorate and adorn the canvas of the whispy unconscious.. every night can be a new creation for a very private passageway locked to all others.. dark and never illuminated for any visitor other than private viewing by the owner and creator.

soulripper2005 48M

10/31/2005 10:09 am

Wow Sunny
If someone愀 gona read this and got to have open mind and some fantasy, it惻l get thos people like the Kobra watching the moving of the floot of an indian Fakir.
It promised to read and read until ending the lines and the fantasy is searching for more of it.
That愀 best iv悶 read for long time and facinaticg not alone for brain, fantasie but got to get to the skin.
Gr Soul

rm_flash1454 60M/60F
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11/5/2005 7:24 pm

i would love to lay down between your legs all night with my tongue

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