Truth, Love life and endings  

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4/19/2006 7:20 pm
Truth, Love life and endings

Posted: 1/17/99 1:29 PM
Callahans Saloon
Truth, Love life and endings

The evil in me i guess is too strong,
if you ask me to come back, i will,
time tears at my soul
the remembered feeling of your arms
greater fire than the women i hug now
and you are my soul

i belive it evil, but you don't care,
what you want is the pain, and my talk
of joy drives you away

i need your happiness to bolster mine,
you won't build off what i can give
and run offline crying

In four months i'll see you again
if you survive that long. wishing
to hold you in my arms

t'would pain you to have me sent away
i suppose, but i hope prudence doesn't
cause you to seek an end

before we really have started
my lady of red raven hair,
sad eyed siren

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