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4/16/2006 12:46 pm
Music Dance & Time

Callahan's Saloon
Posted:10/17/97 12:46:00 AM

Stately Dance?
I must be out of my mind
your music is insanity sublime

But the picture I see
is of us at an old time
ball slowly dancing to
music old, measured time

what style dress?
I'm not certain sure
but the music's Celtic pure

but style dress?
odder still, for you in
a dress is certain rare,
in levis and rock T shirt

Not sure what I'm wearing
but stranger still we are dancing well,
wi' nary a stumble for me

once more, music
in my life, hugging arms
and flashing eyes, soul partnered
lost to time, though its vengeance now felt

till this day I had hoped
for oblivion when last I closed
my eyes, yet not if by you loved

a simple dance in passing time
a stately dance through our lives
this dancer would not mind another
dance around this world of life with you

measured dance on ball floor
angel in my arms dancing a dream
one more pivot, an embrace

later on the stuff of dreams
was it real or am I dreaming still
this dreamless traveler cannot know

a poet out side time, yet trapped by it... (c)10/14/1997
Christopher Robin Perkins [Cameron]

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