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4/18/2006 10:42 am

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It is coming closer I said
to the time we would meet
for the first time
and though life has a way of
making a puzzle out of days
and mixing
bits of seconds

I would agree
wanting to believe,
and needing to have hope
that every minute
every second matters

building trust
out of twigs
isn't easy
but it's all I have

small sticks
that are brittle
with time
of dead and dry

besides, I bathe daily
in warm delusions
breathing stale air
and taking a pauper's portion

I walk on misty paths
a myoptic mono visionary
in hollywood sunglasses

caring was never easy
I thought,
never legible
like a practiced hand

I always sculpt
in unwashed clay
daring only to dream
of perfection
like the silk
of french pastels
and the smoothness
of arches

someday, I thought
my dream would come true
lovers --
strong and wise
soft and kind
and giving

but for now

I will live
on a wing and a prayer
and a small portion
of hope
and listen
with a lover's ear
at the door of dreams
and desire
that my heart
be touched
by the stroke of
a feather~

SoftLoving2006 56F

4/18/2006 11:03 am

Hiya Sum
this poem takes my breath away. i wish i could express my emotions and thoughts and yearning this way. you are very gifted. i think these are not just words on background. i think they are a part of your soul. something that is hard to see by anyone on this site. you bring a refreshing outlook to all of us that may cross your path on here. thumbs up to you my new pen pal.

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