Ok Things Have Improved  

Sultrynight28 39F
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9/5/2006 9:00 am

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9/6/2006 7:19 am

Ok Things Have Improved

I guess once you get past the chaff there are actually some gems in the mix.

I have had nice conversations with two men (out of 150). Both were of course over 40. I have had some nice comments from younger men, but those seem few and far between.

I was bored yesterday and kinda pissed off at all the stupid guys on here so I thought to myself the first xecent guy over 40 that emails me I'll talk to. He was a winner. So much so I actaully agreed to meet him for coffee. He bought me a Starbucks latte (don't usually go to Starbucks). We talked for about an hour. He was the perfect gentleman. He didn't even once talk about getting into my pants...SO I did!

I was pretty amazed at myself. ANd do you know what he said?? "We should get to know each other better first!!" Wow, throw me down and do it to me until you drop! That's the kind of guy I was looking for. He reminds me of my hubby only 20 years older. Sure hope my hubby turns out that way.

So we're to meet again tonite. This could prove interesting.

I had a nice email from a guy in Italy. Why are they always so far away??? And a couple of emails from men over 40 in Winnipeg. So we'll see what develops.

I was telling my girlfriend this morning and she asked me an interesting question 'How many guys do you want?'

Hmmm? Let me see now....Actaully I think two or three would beall I can handle. After all I really do love my husband and don't want to mess that up, so I have to be sensible about this. Who knows maybe this first guy I met will be all I need or can handle. That would be nice.

Anyway another day another 100 emails...Yikes. I didn't know the site cut you off of answering after a few. Sorry if you didn't get a reply, I just ran out of replies. Have to wait another day to do that.

Onward and upward!

crazygurl2xx 58F

9/5/2006 9:32 am

He didn't even once talk about getting into my pants...SO I did!

hahahahaha... same story with the man i am with and i met him here. he was so sweet and took me out to dinner, and NOT ONE e-mail or conversation mentioned sex so i fucked the hell out of him the first night we met! 5 TIMES!

he's still around. he's even better than i asked for.

DankDevious 35M
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9/5/2006 9:44 am

Are you actually suprised that most of the guys on here are scumbags? The great downfall of guys of that nature that are so predominant on a site like this is that it strikes a fear of meeting into the women. Not to blow my own horn here but...I'm a good-looking, successful, funny guy who loves women, being around them making them laugh, the sex, the love, the quirks and ideosynchasies that separate female minds from mens minds. And I am generally a nice guy...except at work which is a horse of a different color...but it seems as though even when the ball is in their court(aka 'sure lets meet' I let them pick the place so they feel safe and I usually plan a side trip if we have mutual interest) a lot of women seem very gun-shy about this site.

I can understand your situation as well...100 emails a day is f-ing ridiculous. but reverse the numbers and think of ot this way...men outnumber women on this site by like 20-to-1(it seems) So even if I send out 20 emails a day...which I don't I work and have a social life...the chances that an emailis gonna get read vs. just tossed away is pretty slim. The only advantage I have in my possesion in this forum is a knack for witty headlines that stand out form the 100's of: "HEY, Hows it going; Whats UP; I love your pictures; SEXY;" and whatever other lame ass subject lines that are repeated over and over again.

But coming from someone like you, I'm suprised that you even went out to meet this someone...I am very happy for you...I hope it goes well. yet at the same time sometimes on this site I feel lost amonst a sea of scumbags, trying to wash up on a beach of potential playmates but the shoreline is a sheer cliff. I'm just waiting for a wave big enough to get me over the edge soI can see what there is to see.

Sorry for the rant but...actually I take it back, someone had to say something and I'm glad it was me.


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