Got Lucky Again1  

Sultrynight28 39F
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9/12/2006 10:07 am

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9/18/2006 11:20 am

Got Lucky Again1

Ok, so I guess this site does rock!

I accepted an invitation for "coffee" again yesterday. This time from a much older man. He's like mid 50's but is in great shape.

He was such a gentleman. We met at my favorite Tims and talked for about an hour. You'd think we'd have nothing to talk about..he's 24 years older than me!! My dad is 60, so this guy's close to his age. That's a wierd thought!?!

But he was soooo nice. He knew exactly how to talk to me and what to say. And you wonder why I like older men??? No comparison, really. My hubby is cool and a great under 30 guy, but even he has his moments. These older guys are so nice. They're smooth and not at all pushy. I'm convinced just being in the room with them is all they want. Everything else is gravy.

Speaking of gravy...we went back to his place. His wife was away on business so the coast was clear. I'll tell you I haven't been made love to that gently ever. It was beautiful.

He needs to be super discreet as his wife has agreed to it but she doesn't want to even hear a whisper about it. Fine by me.

So now I have two regulars (or could be regulars) and my husband. I think I'd better quit. So guys if you read this, sorry I'm full up.

I should change my profile I guess to state that. I still get emails with dicks and the like every day. Morons!!

Just wanted you all to know...

rm_jjfred 73M
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9/16/2006 12:38 pm

Thanks for the blog. It is encouraging to know that such a beautiful young woman would appreciate an older man.

rm_Ty2277 40M

9/17/2006 7:39 am may have to "sort through some chaff" but there are some very rewarding experiences awaiting the patient....

Have fun and play safe ")

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