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Drill hat

I wrote this story about 2 weeks ago, and yes...it's JUST a story. I am hesitant to post it after how "The Drill Sgt." has treated me. He lied to me, he has no respect for females, and he's full of himself. In short, he treated me like shit! (Yes, I met him on this site.) But,it seems a waste to write a story and just delete it. So here it is with all of it's flaws. I hope you enjoy
He walked in my door wearing his Drill Sgt. uniform. His eyes gazed at me intently as an evil smile spread across his lips. I opened my mouth to speak but was immediately silenced when he grabbed my hair close to my head and forced me to look up into his deep blue eyes. "You're mine now, little submissive bitch. Do what I tell you to do or you'll be punished. You will look into my eyes when you are speaking to me. Take your hair down, and take your shoes off, you will be bear foot around me."
I did as he commanded. I had never been spoken to with such force, my pussy was wet with the thought of what he was going to do to me. "Now get on your knees and please me." I didn't have to guess at what he meant. I got onto my knees and crawled over to him. I undid his pants and began to lick and suck his luscious, fat dick. "Relax your throat" he said as he grabbed my hair again. I was rather frightened that I might puke on him if he shoved all of that down my throat. But, somehow I managed it. He forced me to my feet before he could come, he took my arm and pulled me to the bedroom.
"Now take off my belt and lean over the bed." He ordered. "But, Drill Sgt. I..." I began to argue, but he interrupted me. "Did I ask you to speak? Now you must be disciplined." He said it just as plainly as you would ask someone the time. I was a little frightened, but I did as I was told. I leaned over the bed rather gingerly, afraid of what was to come next.
"If you are good, I will reward you by alleviating the ache between your legs. If you are bad, you must be punished." Slap! The belt stung my ass leaving a red, angry looking welt. Slap! Another bit across my cheeks as I screeched in pain. I was bracing for another slap, when I felt his hands grab my hips. His dick entered my dripping wet pussy fast and hard. Pumping with such bliss that I could not help but moan. He grabbed me and rolled me over, never missing a beat. He was fucking me so hard that my breasts were bouncing all over the place. My orgasm came on strong and fast. My nails dug into his back as my back arched in pleasure.
Panting, I looked up into his eyes. He was still staring at me with that same evil look on his face. I wondered for a second if I had been bad again, my eyes growing wide with fear. "Beg for another bitch! Beg me to give you another orgasm." He said.
"Please Drill Sgt. Please give me pleasure. Please give me another orgasm!" I panted. All of the sudden his hands wrapped around my neck cutting of my airway. I was rather frightened at first, but then the next wave of orgasm hit me. I had never felt anything that strong! It ravished my whole body like I had just grabbed a live wire and was electrocuted. I tried to moan and scream, but I had no breath to do it with. Everything faded to black.

I awoke in his strong arms, the scent of his seed filled my small bedroom. I looked up into his eyes as he pushed the hair off of my face. "I am a very jealous man. You will not even look at another man or I will discipline you. You will not masturbate or fantasize. If you are wet, you will come to me for pleasure. I will never grow tired of you pleasing me. Do you understand?"
I have never felt sooo much like a woman in my life.

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3/29/2006 4:50 am

Oh MY, you get an A for journalism!
Dump the jerks, though.
You deserve better.

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