An Early-Summers Dream  

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3/25/2006 7:20 pm

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An Early-Summers Dream

I was in college living out in the boondocks with a friend of mine. Rose was from California and she was wild compared to me and my bible belt upbringing. She was the breath of fresh air I needed to break out of my shell. One night we were watching TV when she looked at me and said "Let's go!"
We both jumped up, I had no idea what we were going to do. I followed her out to the front yard. She had four horses she kept at our little trailer. It was a warm Arkansas night, the lightning bugs were floating on the warm, gentle breeze.
She stripped completely naked, then stared at me waiting for me to do the same. I took my clothes off and let them lie where they fell. Then I followed her to the pasture, enjoying the warm grass between my toes. I watched as she threw a blanket on the back of her favorite horse. She climbed onto his back and held out her hand to help me on behind her. We rode around the woods for a while listening to the crickets sing and watching the moonlight glisten off the maple leaves. I didn't tell her that my pussy got extremely wet and excited rubbing up against her as we rode, but I think she already knew.
After a while, we came to a pond. We hopped off and went for a dip in the sparkling water. We were giggling and splashing each other when we heard a loud splash behind us. We clung to each other motionless, fearing what had just entered the warm southern water with us. Then, about ten feet away from us, a head appeared out of the water. It was a handsome boy of about 18. We started giggling again. We splashed him and told him how he scared the bejeebies out of us. He flirted with us for a few minutes, then grabbed me and kissed me. While our naked bodies were pressed together, I felt Roses' hands circle around my hips. She slid one of her fingers into my anxious pussy and began caressing my breast with the other. Her finger darted in and out of me as I kissed him. I started to moan with pleasure and move my hips to meet her finger. Then, she grabbed his dick and slid it into me. He began feverishly thrusting his huge rod into me as Rose started to tease my clit. I could feel her breasts against my back, the warm breeze on my wet skin, my nipples being painfully pinched, my clit being teased as he thrust so hard, and all three sets of legs tangled together. I went into senses overload, screaming as I climaxed.
All of the sudden, a gunshot filled the air. We all froze in fear, wide eyed and holding our breath. Out of the darkness came the face of an old farmer. He pointed his shot gun at us and ordered us off of his property or he'd "Fill us full of Buck shot!" We swam as fast as we could. We watched the young guy run off into the woods as we got onto the horse and rode away. We giggled all of the way home. Although I have never laid eyes on the young stud again, he often visits my dreams at night.

72plzu 57M

3/29/2006 11:07 am

Nice to hear from you again.I find it amazing you have such a hard time finding someone.You,re every man,s dream from reading your storie,s!It,s an incredible turn-on knowing there are women like you out there who truly enjoy sex!I,d jump at the opportunity to play with you,to spank your nice ass and tell you how to satisfy me and knowing you,re really enjoying it at the same time!MMMMMMMM I love your storie,s if you need help with the next one I,d love to help!

rm_tarzan285 50M

4/15/2006 7:36 pm

Perhaps that boy was me for I am a part of the trees and water. Forgive me for I am Tarzan. My moves are what you desire as of the person I am of who you would like to have.

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