Suicide Blond Meg and I and Our First Encounter  

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4/17/2006 7:59 pm

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4/27/2006 10:24 pm

Suicide Blond Meg and I and Our First Encounter

I had this amazing apartment, going to school at Purdue University. May afternoons lit up my studio--it was the top floor, not exactly the penthouse; rather, a playroom--and would bath some of the sexiest women I seduced. When the weather was perfect I would open the door to my balcony, over looking the busiest intersection on campus. You would not believe the feeling one could get while fucking as hundreds of students would walk by to and from class just feet away.

I particularly remember fucking Megan, on sunny afternoons. Pushing down on her sunlit hips, licking her labia, teasing her and trying to get her to moan load enough to be heard over rushing traffic (We were both conscience about people hearing us, but that was the fun part).

I remember her by the way we met. She was the one who sought me out. She watched me, she calculated, then made a move. (To be honest I never saw it coming).

As we worked on a project together, for Portuguese 201, she began rubbing her foot up my leg and onto my penis. I could not believe it…this girl was feeling me out with her foot in the middle of a packed library.

When we left, immediately after, my boxer briefs were wet from pre-ejaculate. Over the mile and half trip back to my apartment we made-out four or five times. On the steps of Havlion Hall, on the lawn outside the union, she traced lines from my chest down to my plexus and into my pants, playing with my pre-ejaculate. Occasionally she would lick that slick juice off her finger tips.

She performed oral on me outside Knoy Hall, insight of my apartment across the intersection. By now it was dusk, but still warm out. I was leaning against a large oak tree, among many other trees; yet still very public. She did not make me cum. She only teased me, licking around my head.

Neck kisses, ass groping, a little finger fucking later, we ended up outside my apartment door where we made out one last time. She pulled away with complete control to say: "Why should I fuck you?..." Looking into her eyes, as she neatened her shirt and buttoned up the two top buttons of her jeans (as if she had finished) I told her that she was going to fuck me for the same reason I was going to fuck her. And that is how it started; the first time Megan and I fucked…

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