non-sequiturs and diet coke  

Straycatsetsuko 62F
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3/11/2006 11:32 am
non-sequiturs and diet coke

I can't help but think how weird this all is. To be on a site for sex. How many people have you done from here?

But it's cool. All cards on the table. We don't have to pretend it's anything. We both know we're getting together, at least intially, to interview a sex partner. Ever been on a first meeting, and it was like a job interview?

Talking to someone from here. I've wanted him to tumble me since I saw his picture. We've been IMing since last July. There's a spark, now. Took a while. Though I was the idiot. I had to get hit on the head.

Chomping at the bit to meet this guy. He won't let me drive there because my car's too funky. I'm feeling a little weird about going that far, too, but willing to try. We were gonna meet halfway, then we both had to work. Driving me nuts. I want this man to touch me....

I should vacuum in here. I keep looking at a Roomba, but I'm afraid what the cats will do to it.

Gotta bring in some wood for tonight. Getting chilly in here.I think the gas company is going to turn me off as soon as it's legal, but I don't really care. I can cook in the fireplace, or outside. And I've still got electric. I'm hoping it won't get seriously cold again, though. Pipes and all.

Can's empty. Gotta do something useful.

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