Do people actually meet from these web sites ?  

Str_Male_1 52M
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8/16/2006 3:08 pm
Do people actually meet from these web sites ?

I am curious bout this, because I have changed my profile so many times, and sent out so many winks and all, and only got one or two replies. Now we are talking about several months now, so I am wondering do people actually meet from web sites like this one or is it just a giant mind game ? Either way, I guess its cool. But then what about the subscribers ? If it is just a giant mind game, then, didnt they get ripped off ? Of their subscriptions ? I dont know, maybe it is just me ? Thanks in advance for any replies...

Hydragenias 57F

8/16/2006 4:05 pm

Welcome to the Blogs! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here, just beware of the drama, it can sometimes be worse here than in real life, LOL. Please take the time and stop by my blog to say Hi!


rm_susanthetart 63F

8/16/2006 5:05 pm

I for one do not see a lot of people meeting on here. I have tried for a long time to talk to people and arrange things...seems whenever anyone gets close to actual meeting..they vanish. So I tend to think the direction of mind games. And an awful lot of them. I wish i could fine one site that was honest people wanting to talk and be up front, just they all seem to be the same. I think most of the sites rip everyone off with unrealistic thoughts on how many people they will meet. I guess its what you determine in your mind is meeting. Those are my thoughts

Trimmedandrested 59M
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8/16/2006 10:33 pm

Hi Sir Mate...I can only speak to my experience on this site, and one other....My answer is yes. I have actually met three women from these sites. Two, I now consider very very close friends...infact I'm taking dance lessons with one. The third, I had an encounter with(which turned out to be, quite an eye opening experience. Yes, there are many women/men here that seem to want to play games...I personally would suggest chatting and getting to know someone pretty well, then possibly meet in a public place, for safety issues. But to answer your question, The woman i actually met(wife sanctioned) turned out to be the biggest game player, (trained professional),I could of ever met. So be can get this helps you out.

rm_Lanao1000 40F
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8/17/2006 12:32 am

R U still up ?

rm_aprildawnn 65F
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8/17/2006 7:49 am


yes, people do meet from these sites, i have met several and have made some really good friends, both men and women. nice to know where ever i want to vacation there will be someone i know living there.

to answer your question about this site.. i have met someone on here after only 4 days as a memeber and we have been dating ever since. he is awesome and we are coming up to to our 4 month anniversary.

he's a big blogger fan so yes he is real.

i wish you luck in your search and hope you can find that special someone like i did

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