The Prices of Regular Gas  

Stonecold335 43M
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4/19/2006 5:25 am
The Prices of Regular Gas

Boy oh boy. I never thought that we as a country would reach a point in our lifetime where we would reach the $3.00/gallon mark for regular gas. Apparently, as of next week, the amount for a gallon of regular gas will reach $3.00--I never thought we'd reach that mark in the state of Michigan. That's the one thing that will frustrate myself, and fellow Michiganders...So some advice for all my fellow Michiganders...If you have to travel a lot, please feel free to carpool. If you're like me, stay home and don't travel all the time, unless you have to go to work, like me. It's hard to believe that pretty soon, we'll have to pay almost $40.00 to fill up with regular gas. Boy oh boy. I never thought I'd have to pay an arm and a leg for gas, I guess we're at a time in life where if er need to get our usual neccesities taken care of, we're gonna go broke..I hope and pray we'll get some relief from our state and federal government. I don't think it'll get better until after it gets worse first.

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