Total Turn-Offs and Sexual Dislikes  

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8/23/2006 6:28 am

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Total Turn-Offs and Sexual Dislikes

Not Addressing Us As A Couple. (We're a couple and not a single person!)

Disrespecting Us By Not Reading Our Profile In Full Before First Contact.

Real Disrespect (outside of Role-Playing).

Dishonesty (insercure, controlly, jealous and phony people etc...).

Smelly, Rude, Arrogant, Pushy, Lack Of Sincerity And Cleanliness.

Bestiality, Brown Shower, Minors Or Talk of Minors (children) In Sexual Way.

Unsafe Sex (but safe sex doesn't necessarily mean condoms).

Bi-Sexual Males (not into Gay or Bi-Sexual Males whatsoever, only Bi-Sexual Females. It's our sexual preference not a judgment).

Guys, Who Wear Baggy Clothes, Pants (over size & looks like they shit in them, over size t-shirts) Do-Rag and Caps ( Gangster look, golf or baseball caps)It's our preference not a judgment.

Over Anxious Males, Men Who Want To Have Sex After A Two-Minute Conversation Online Before Even Meeting (I'm not into desperate people that will fuck anything that moves, I need to see if there is Chemistry and an Attraction between us).

Assuming I'm A Call Girl / Prostitute (that will sleep with anyone - just online before we meet, that I'm not, only a girl that gets paid for sex will sleep with anybody, which again I'm not.).

Men Who Come Onto Me When My Partner Is Not In The Vicinity. (Because we NEVER do nor will we ever do anything separate. Because what turns me on is being watched by my boyfriend Jake or others, unless it's being video taped so that my boyfriend Jake can see it later on).

Men Who Want To Be Alone With Me (having my boyfriend Jake in the same room or in the next room either watching, listening or participating is my turn on, even being in the porno business I make sure that my boyfriend Jake is always present because it turns me on. The point of being Swingers, is so that we don't have to cheat on each other. As long as you are honest towards your partner it opens the doors to everything you ever wanted. If you can't understand the Lifestyle of Swingers then don't get involved). Depending On The Situation, Once You're A Regular Then It Could Be Allowed, As Long As We Video Tape It To Show It To My Boyfriend Jake After (or have him listen in on us on a phone).

Classless Males Who Think That The Lifestyle Is A Free For All. (Think twice, understand that men don't control the swinging lifestyle, women do. Men are just happy participants. Any man who thinks he has control of this is stupid. In a straight club, women get harassed by men, but the difference in a Swingers club is that women are the boss, they control the show. The woman can flirt, grab, tease, play, go up to the man and tell him she wants him, his girlfriend/wife).

Men Who Fall In Love With Me And Don't Know How To Separate Love From Sex (or can't handle me because it's too good to be true, and come up with different excuses).

Attached Men. (I will NOT consider married or attached men unless their significant other is involved because they're all too complicated and paranoid cheating on thier spouse. We don't have time to go by their schedule. We will only consider them if they follow our rules to the "T" and gives us a home number) For married or attached women on the other hand, they are not as complicated or paranoid and are welcome.

Nude Pictures With No Faces. (For those we meet online we need to see your picture with your face, no sunglasses, nude pics are okay but with your face to see if there is an attraction).

Boring, Dull Men And Women.

Men Without Imagination, With Parochial Attitudes About Sex.

Submissive Males.(I like men to be REAL men and take control)These are my sexual preference not a judgment.

Can't Afford To Take Us Out. (Once you have been approved and have passed, at the second get together I hope you can take us out for drinks or afford to take me out for a $10 meal, (I need water and food to replenish before and after sex), I like simple things nothing fancy, remember you're getting a free fuck from someone thats in the porn biz).

Men That Can't Afford To Buy Me Sexy Lingerie, Sexy Exotic Clothes Or Flowers (yellow & blue) So I Can Look Sexy For Them (I'm not here to supply you with my lingerie).

Men Who Want Me To Bring Them Other Females. (It's not my job to do that, I only supply women for myself or my boyfriend Jake, because he does the same for me) Guys Need To Bring Their Own Women.

Swingers Club (that has out of shape people and are old and unattrative)These are my sexual preference not a judgment.

Fake Couples (The female doesn't excits, don't have time for BS. We accept FUCK friends if the female excits and you tell us the true).

People Who Say I Wouldn't Regreat It (telling us that no one has ever complained, they alway end up to be the worst lovers).

Guys (being approved) Asking Instead of Doing (not giving me a cloce is a turn-on).

Love and Kisses


rm_Manuchaos69 36M

9/8/2006 10:30 am

Hello I<ve being reading your site and your rules for sometime now. I understand your intentions and would like to be a friend nothing more. I will be real with you.I am looking for some good pure fun. Chill in a bar or go clubbing with both of you.I'm not looking for a girlfriend or a quick fuck, I just want to live my life to the fullest and you look like a couple that can help me go exteme.I am already in your friends list if you go with Manuchaos69

StillBeautiful 55M/34F

9/9/2006 12:11 am

Thx Manuchaos69, but no matter what, even if it's not sexual, we still ask you to fill our your "Mini-Bio" and the "Questionnaire" about us.

-- Jaye

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