Phyllis di Milo  

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7/15/2006 8:46 am

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Phyllis di Milo

When artists create great works they are, usually, inspired by things that move them emotionally. What happens to an artist who can't communicate that feeling that he or she is experiencing? It is the equivalent of being born mute, without the use of your hands; able to experience beauty, but no capacity to share it with anyone else.

There are those who say, "God created man in his image." Some believe this means that God is a man, with two arms, two legs, and a long flowing beard. I take a more artistic view of this statement. Mankind is "like God" in his/her capacity to create. Of all the known creatures on this planet, humans are the only ones capable of realizing abstract thought. We have the ability to create something, seemingly, from nothing. Not just aesthetically, but in the sciences as well. Every invention or advance in technology started out with an idea, and those ideas were given form by mankind's "godlike" ability to create.

This is why it is a tragedy when one loses their ability to communicate. There are always those who will struggle to beat the odds; parapalegic artists who learn to paint with their feet, great thinkers like Stephen Hawking who refuse to let a disability curb their ability to share their gift. This makes it most tragic when someone who has all of their faculties cannot communicate their ideas or refuses to. Without our ability to create, we lose our connection to the divine; we lose our own divinity.

So one must never stop creating. What better way to worship all of creation than adding to it. All about you is inspiration. Breathe it in, process it, and breathe out creation.


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7/25/2006 8:56 pm

That was a highly thoughtful, well-reasoned and well written piece, Greg.
Welcome to blogging and ^5's.

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7/26/2006 8:44 am

...welcome to the blogs.



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