...why do men do these things if they desire sex at all???  

StarRavenMist 63F
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4/4/2006 1:18 pm

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10/22/2006 10:33 am

...why do men do these things if they desire sex at all???

1…why do men think its perfectly okay to wear your pants down around your ankles while trying to throw your female upon the bed for sex… talk about spoiling the moment…lol… for godsake…so you are male and sexually excited… take a moment to at least kick your pants off so you don’t look so foolish…its difficult for a female to concentrate on passion when you want to laugh aloud…

2…then there is the wearing a ball-cap to bed … ball-caps are fine for outside or at the ball park… they have no place in romance or sex if you want to hit a homerun in bed …

3...same goes for being completely nude and remaining to wear socks…lol… how insanely stupid this looks… why leave the socks on??? …I have never understood this…is it a safety mechanism like a condom for your feet or what???

4….what is so bloodly exciting about cumming all over a woman’s breasts…face… or all over her designer sheets ???…eeewww… disgusting at best… messy… and once again does nothing to hold the mood of any kind of passion…an though you might think its sexy…its naught in the least…in fact… within the slave training I have gone though… it is a form of severe humiliation to do so on a woman’s breasts or face…and if you cum on my designer sheets…my mind instantly goes to wanting to get up and clean the stains from them…naught sex …if you must shoot it outside of my body… then shoot it all over yourself and see if it makes you feel sexy or impassion’d… my guess is that it would naught do so… so why do you think it would a woman… but then again… there are women whom enjoy that kind of kink I guess…

5…answering your cell while in the thralls of passion… how rude…lol… unless you are a doctor on call for a life threatening emergency…hell …let whomever it is leave a message… and you can chat later when the moments have passed…be considerate of your lover during times of being intimate and perhaps she will be willing to give you more such times with her…

6…confusing quickie sex with anything else….quickie sex is simply that… a release of energies… all surface stuff… it lasts but a moment of time… then her mind is elsewhere… for you never achieved to enter below the surface of what you sought… so stop complaining when she shoves you off away from her… and heads to the shower to feel clean again….you should know the difference between quickie sex…real primal fucking and making love… there is a definite difference between them….and as well as a time and place for each one…learn the differences and practice them when able… might surprise you just how much your sex life will grow and flourish into more erotic and exotic passions… give of yourself and she will desire to give back to you in abundance… yin and yang… all things must be of equal balance… ~smiles~ …enjoy…

HotSexyCupl 47M/43F

4/4/2006 1:57 pm

Most people do not see it as humiliation. Slave training has influenced your opinion, don't be so uptight. Guys faces are covered in your spunk when they go down on you, no different. Is that humiliating to the guys? Does a guy humiliate himself when he masturbates? ... No
LOL ....
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timberwolf6972 45M

4/4/2006 2:06 pm

It sounds like you might need a more mature and experienced man. Are those guys young ones are something? That stuff is pretty silly if you ask me. I wouldn't do any of that. {=}

tamethytension 56M
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4/4/2006 2:21 pm

1. 2. 3. & 5. ... LOL ... totally crass. And what of wearing wrist watches? Many women enjoyed the film Jerry Maguire, but when Tom Cruise beds Renee Zellwiger for the first time he is wearing a wrist watch. Perhaps we're suppose to think his character is that low brow.

As to number 4, no man should presume, as for you clearly this has specific connotations. However, I have had several women ask for this, cum as a result on them, and they proceed to spread it about themselves as if it were body cream, and in so doing reach orgasm. This is completely independent of any Dom/sub role and have included some of the more conservative women I know. Again, while it may be common to one man's experience, it should never be a presumption that it or anything else for that matter should universally apply. If nothing else I know of women, it is that every one is unique.

And as to No. 6. Depending on how a young man is raised, he may well not know the difference. Raised as strict Catholic, I did not until educated in my mid-20's by an older woman. It's not like there is a dictionary one may consult, nor would it matter were there, as you alone hold the definition, and so you alone need communicate your wants and needs.

So while I grant that several of these points speak to basic manners, I think with regard to specific sexual activities open communication is a better for avoiding any faux pas.


PS>don't mean to lecture, but you did ask Why?

StarRavenMist 63F

4/4/2006 2:43 pm

to 'hotsexycup'... if you enjoy cum shooting all over your face and body...power to you hon... lol.. but a shooting sticky mess is a far cry from intense and passionate in my eyes...and since when i orgasm i don’t shoot it like a shotgun blast into a mans face i think the experience is quite different than merely licking and sucking... which i do enjoy those with the right man... after all... i am innately feline and a slave... that can be quite yummy...~winks playfully~ so you can have all the shooting cum you desire sweetie...just give me the intense passion anytime... but to each their own... lol

...and to timberwolf6972... thanks for the comment also... but no... actually the men i have encountered doing these silly things were all ones that should have known better...lol... but then there is no accounting for common sense or what some find sexy i guess... some are merely into it for the 'grunting release' and nothing else... nor will they ever discover anything beyond that... instead of the wonderful passions to be found and explored for endless hours after hours when enthralled within your partner instead of just your own needs... i am speaking of both male and female here... for there are of course some very selfish females out there too... but i was merely poking some fun at these lost souls...and from the IMs i am now getting on the subject i guess i hit a nerve with some...lol.. how wonderful...to those whom can open themselves to the intense levels of true passions i say to them...'they' are the utmost truest feasters of life... and will surely find the more they open themselves to it... the more they will crave of the feast of sexual pleasures both physical and esoterically...~smiles brightly~ ... how incredibly wonderful to have a place there... yummy indeed... have a fantastic rest of the day ...

feathertouch71 47M
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4/4/2006 3:48 pm

Hi Star,
1,2,&3 I totally agree with you i wouldn't dream of doing any of these things!
4 To each their own, there are many women out there with likes and dislikes to where a man cums and your opinion is just one of them, which is fair enough because it's what you feel comfortable with that counts,
5 If it vibrates grab it! kick him off and put it to good use, bloody things are a pain in the arse!!!!
6 Quickie! i should be so lucky closest i've had to one of those is a slap round the face! so i cant help there.

take care x

blueguy1051 61M

4/4/2006 4:52 pm

My first wife considered nude with socks on as the ear mark of cheap porno flicks. That's what that image always brings to me now.

A ball cap to bed?

StarRavenMist 63F

4/4/2006 11:03 pm

to tamethytension...oh yes... i totally agree too...lol..#4...yes…there are some women that equally find it erotic to bathe themselves in cum... and there is nothing wrong with it... but i am merely one whom finds anything that oozes from the body... and being spread out over me or shot over my face and breasts to be anything but sensual ... and being i am a trained passion slave...i am far from being prudish in any manner...especially in the bedroom...~smiles~ ...and you are absolutely correct in that open and honest communication should be a must...especially with your lover or mate... more people should try it... myself included at times... ~winks~ thanks for your insight hon...

to feathertouch71 ....see my above response to #4…gotta love your comment for #5...lol…vibrating objects…only i had my apartment broken into once... they of course stole all my electronics...including my vibrators that had been left near the electronics as well... but left the TV remote...lol.. go figure...wow was that fun filling out the police report...the young officer that took report made that exact statement...”if it vibrates... take it”...but i wasn’t so sure if he was talking about my missing vibrator… or the hardness bulging from his pants at the time...~smiles impishly~ …it was hard to naught notice it even with my Master standing right there...hmmm... the things that flow from this slave's mind and mouth at times... gotta wonder..lol.. thanks for your comments sweetie...

StarRavenMist 63F

4/4/2006 11:15 pm

to blueguy1051 ...socks and porn???... now i never would have associated it with that...lol...your first wife must have been fun...~winks ~ that is simply too funny… i think we have some great stories to swap over coffee Bruce... am soooo looking forward to it... ~purrs~ ...see you soon m'sensual friend....mmmeeeooowww...

tigerlily3606 37F

4/6/2006 10:08 am

Star. I agree with you! Wearing socks? LMOA! It looks so cheap and unsexy. And since it's one of my pet peeves I usually request for him to take them off. *phew!* The baseball cap, I'm not so sure. My partner usually wears nothing but a cowboy hat and that I consider SEXY!

StarRavenMist 63F

4/6/2006 10:50 am

to tigerlily3606 ....~laughs softly with an impish wink ~ ...Lily ...thank you....NEVER are socks sexy on a nude man... and though my tastes in men vary extensively... as do my many feline moods... i ssoooo agree... that a cowboy hat can be quite sexy when worn with nothing else ...especially on a wickedly handsome and roguish buckin’ bronco of a stud…that m’friend... can be... ‘totally melt your heart’ sexy... mmmm... oh sooooo much fun... for sure...~purrs sensually ~ 'ride a cowboy and save a horse!!'...mmmm yummy...

MinionofDarknes 57M
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10/20/2006 8:48 pm

You sure have a lot of rules for a would be slave girl. Say, you wouldn't happen to be one of those babes who actually likes to top from the bottom would ya???

My hand is getting sore just thinkin about meeetin someone like THAT!

StarRavenMist 63F

10/22/2006 10:33 am

~smiles~ no... naught a 'would-be' slave girl... but the real deal... one with an intelligent mind and intensely impassion'd feline spirit... no doormat nor mindless twit here...just the real deal... can you handle that???... many so called dominants can't... but then there are others ...who are as real as i am ...and thrive within those intense passions... what kind are you?????????????...mmmeeeeoooowwww....

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