Those Marvelous Masculine Assets - Woo Hoo!  

StarGazerGal 64F
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3/2/2006 3:16 am

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4/2/2006 9:34 pm

Those Marvelous Masculine Assets - Woo Hoo!

Once upon a time, A Free Spirited Flower Child in Love with Harley Bikes and the Men that drove them. Black leather, Tattoos and Earrings. My Kind of Man! Woo Hoo! Eventually, I expanded my horizons to men in Pick-Up Trucks and Eighteen Wheelers. I Even went out a Lawyer or Two. Educated Sensuality! Woo Hoo!

TWO MARRIAGES GONE SOUTH - THE YOUNGEST son is almost ready to fly I

now I'm alone in West Virginia. An aging flower child who longs for the call of the wild. Am I still allowed to look at male tushes and think woo hoo!

Can I Frequent Clothing Optional Resorts, Put on Dark Sun glasses and scan out magnificent male whoppers waving Hi in the sunshine or do I have to retire to a rocking chair. Do I have to hide in a shell of "shoulds" tucked away in a cave of clueless political correctness and wait for the dubious love connection to find me.

The answer is.................Heck No!

The Golden Years are on the Horizon - So I am breaking all the rules. I'll wear more purple, eat Chocolate and drink Pomegranate Juice. I'll wink at the sexy senior men and send them messages telling them they are hot. I'll compromise a few virtues(but only with their permission) Yeah! Babe! Yeah Babe! A multitude Oh My! are still on the menu for This aging flower child. - I'll ghost dance in Appalachian Snow Storm and move to El Paso, Texas do the same in the Desert Sun unless the next Love Connection tells me to stay or leads me someplace else. Please God as I understand her, let it be someplace warm.

Life is Good, I am not a Spring Chicken but I can still Dance. Life on the Red Walk is not over the Goddess says it time to go Blue

digdug41 50M

3/2/2006 3:59 am

hey stargazergal just enjoy it has it goes by or jump on in and find what you like

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

teaystongue 50M
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3/27/2006 10:28 pm

Now how does this Aquarius embrace an empassioned woman like you? B.

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