part one of a fantasy  

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part one of a fantasy

This is raw, unedited stuff, folks, so don't expect Shakespear...

It is a Saturday eventing, and you are spending it in the Miami Valley Centre in Piqua, wearing a black skirt.
As you are browsing at watches in Sears, you suddenly feel someone moving behind you. He places his hand over your protruding butt, moving his hand over it as he mumbles "excuse me." You turn in time to see the back of a dark-haired man walking away.
You are now at the back of FYE, looking at some DVDs. Once again, you feel someone moving behind you. The hand rests on your butt a little bit longer, a finger quickly tracing up your lower back, then moves on. Once again, you only turn in time to see his back. But this time, he pauses, glances back, smiles, and moves out of your site.
You are now in the middle of the mall. There is a vendor there, selling pictures. You have paused, as there are a couple showing unicorns. Few people are around, and the vendor is busy talking to someone else. This time, you turn your head in time to see me.
You bend over, slightly, to get a better look at one of the pictures. I walk behind you, stopping briefly. However, you do feel my hand placed firmly on your ass, near the bottom. I rub it oh so slighly and quickly, then give it a pat, and disappear once again in the mall.
You are standing in line at Tony's pizza for a quick snack, last in line. Once again, you feel me behind you, this time much closer. This time, i fully grope your ass cheek, kneeding it between my fingers. You let out a slight sigh, and move to part your legs just a little bit apart. With one hand, I move my bags to hide my other hand. With that other hand, i reach right below your knees, caressing the insides of your upper thighs, slowly tracing my fingers up, until...
It is your turn. You make your order, and take a seat. I sit in a table a little bit across from you, winking as i take a stringy bite from my pizza, catching the goo with my tongue before it hits the table. You let out a little giggle, taking a seductive bite off the end of your pizza bread. With a quick giggle, you raply spread your legs and lift your skirt in the middle, giving me a quick glance at your black panties.
You go across the movie court, where you grab a ticket for a movie, and enter the cinema. I follow a few moments later.
It is now about 10 p.m., the late showing. There are only five or six other people inside to see this movie, an action flick which has already played a few times. You take a seat in the back. I arrive a few moments later, taking a seat beside you.
I offer you some popcorn, you accept. Some falls out, onto my lap. With a sly grin, you pick it up, piece by piece, letting your hand stay there a bit longer each time. The last time, you run your fingers lightly over the hardness in my pants.
I put my arm around you, and start to plant soft kisses on the side of your neck. a groan escapes your lips, but i stop before causing too much attention.
YOu have a box of candy in your lap, and offer me some. I take it. You move the box lower. I take another piece. You move the box to your seat, placing it right between your slightly sread legs. I grab a piece, and drop it. digging between your legs, i softly move my fingers over your panties, feeling a growing wetness. You let out a groan, then quickly excuse yourself.
I wonder if I did something wrong, but you return a short time later, again take the box of candies, and place it between your legs. This time, you spread your legs a bit wider.
I again reach to grab a piece - it is now, I notice your panties are gone. i softly run my fingers over your mound. You groan slightly, then slump a little bit more in your seat, spreading your legs wider.
I begin to explore your mound with my fingers, feeling the hairs, feeling the lips, feeling your growing wetness. I spread that wetness over your pussy, bringing out more wetness. With its help, i slide a finger inside. You let out a groan. I move my finger up and down along your inner pussy lips, exploring the fold...

That's all for now

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