An occurence at AFF  

PrismResowQueen 49M
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6/26/2006 2:32 am
An occurence at AFF

Strange a-happenings have been going on here - at least for me.
I have my settings set so I can check out the local listings. Simple enough - even an idiot like me can do it.
However, recently, my settings have been out of whack.
Whenever I check the "Whose on line" link to see who is on locally, I seem to be getting three options:
1) Listings of women who are local, ie, within a 50 mile radius (which is what i want).
2) Listings of guys who are local - uh. Yeah. Not what I want. Dudes...those cock shots are scary. I certainly hope my penis doesn't look like that!
3) Listings for women who are not local. sure, I like browsing at profiles of women from all corners of the globe...but I do like seeing who locally is on line. Locally for me is not Germany, Australia, nor California.
Am I the only one going through this minor trial, or is everyone else?
Just curious.

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