He came around again  

SquirtinCummer 52F
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7/3/2006 10:02 am

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9/27/2006 2:35 am

He came around again

Boy, he's such a great guy, he really is, but he's a dog & I know it. We had time together a couple years ago & he was honest - he said he had no heart then. Even proved it when he walked in drunk off his ass - he was supposed to be at a job call - with another woman.

Crazy thing is, I laughed about it. I never was the jealous type & only hoped that he managed to pull it off somehow.

So he ends up living with that gal for almost 2 years & then one day - after I have moved to the city, gotten a great job & my own house, etc. - he calls me, out of the blue & says he treated me badly, he knows it & he is very sorry that he did that.

He openly admits that I am the only woman who "gets" him & tells me that I am the best sex partner he has ever had (and he's a dog, so I know he's had a few) - of course for me, he will always hold a special place in my "sex book" as this is the first man who made me squirt.

So anyway - here I am seeing him again - nothing serious, I don't trust him enough for that yet - remember, I KNOW he's a dog - but so far things are good.

I know that I love him, although I am not in love, I could be - if I can trust him. And I don't ask him for anything more than honesty - I don't care if he's a dog - that means I can play too. Sauce for the goose and all that.

Funny, ya know - I honestly think this is as close to a soulmate as I will ever get - we "get" each other that much. I just don't want to get my hopes up that it will ever be more than what it is now - a casual, when we can manage to get together thing.

But I can hope...

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/3/2006 11:23 am

Welcome to the blogs! Stop by my blog for the BLOGLAND ORGASMY'ALL CUM I know we can count on you.

digdug41 50M

7/3/2006 4:17 pm

I 've come to the realization thatwe all eat bullshit, it just depends on how its wrapped. tread wearily and welcome tpo the blogs hun cyaroun

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

SquirtinCummer 52F
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7/3/2006 6:07 pm

Well, thank you for the welcome! Digdug - this shit is wrapped up in a nice candy wrapper - at least the sex is good!!!

He's out with someone else tonight & so am I - so who cares? Like I said - I am not the jealous type.

The weekend coming up is mine though

SirMounts 103M

9/25/2006 10:31 am

I see a wonderful blog in your future. *winking*

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