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SpreadMeeAllOver 34F
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6/1/2006 1:21 pm

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7/14/2006 9:35 pm

I Don

For One, I am Passionately Against Neo-NAZI Extreme Feminists!

The extremely sad truth about Neo-Nazi “extreme” feminists is that they are all brainwashed or aware of a very distorted reality being fed into them. Plus for too many, the major lies that they have accepted or taught is that most men abusive, , and nothing more than misogynistic pigs, etc!

The second and more unfortunate truth is that many of these women are girls that have been abused or traumatized at an early age in their life and not given the proper help they needed. Instead Women Studies Programs exist at every college and university to seek out and recruit these girls. Their special tactics and special propaganda is designed to attract these types of girls for these individuals would be naïve and passionate enough to further propagate their lies. Fortunately many of the these girls still turn out very normal but from the high numbers they recruit, they are able screen out enough of the most unintelligent ones for these are easier to further accept intensive brainwashing thus continue the cycle of propagating extreme feminist traditions!

Think about it, if extreme feminist views were 100% correct, they would eventually breed themselves out of existence from lack of breeding/mating!! They actually do breed themselves out, so that is why Women Studies Programs that exist at every major university are designed to constantly recruit and indoctrinate new ones! Plus if hardcore feminists and their view was genetic and due to the fact that mankind has been on the Earth for millions of years, most of their genes would have become extinct/faded out of the gene pool by now or soon will!

I bet that a disproportion high number of extreme feminists suffer from the worst kind of MIGRAINS which might very well be due to a lack of Sex!

Wonder how many feminists will get their panties in a wad becuase of this!

Luv2LikeUAllDay 36M

6/2/2006 7:37 am

I don't know who would dare call you a feminist, but apparantly they seem to misunderstand you. This world was meant for men and women to coincide. Although I understand there views in the fact that something might have happened to them a younger age, so there thoughts on men so to speak have been greatly damaged. To those guys out there you suck, but to good guys like me, keep up the good work. As far as your 2nd to last sentence, if they recieved some good sex they might think differently.

out_for_a_ride 36M

6/4/2006 3:38 am

the masses are easily brainwashed, that's why they're the masses. individualism is too scary a concept for them at the time...patience is a virtue...they still carry the same potential as those as consciously eternal as i, so i assure you, they still have the same potential as you...who exercises this option depends solely on the individual, but it's still not a stepping stone for self promotion over another...though hopefully you're aware of this

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