Tribute to Nice Guys response  

Spiritswilling 64M
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5/22/2006 12:40 pm
Tribute to Nice Guys response

Last week, an attractive young lady had a post in the blogs making a tribute to "Nice Guys". Unfortunately, I can't remember her handle. But it was an excellent post and I, being a "Nice Guy", appreciated it.
How do I know I'm a nice guy? I've been told so by a number of women. "John, you are a nice guy and all, but........" You catch my drift?
Us nice guys seem to tend to go out of our way to be too nice and not forward enough sometimes. I can't speak for the rest of the nice guys, but thats just the way I was raised. "Son, always be courteous and respectful of the women you meet"
Over the years, I have thrown up a harder exterior shell over myself so as not to get hurt emotionally anymore, but on the interior, I'm still that nice guy.
You may ask, "If you are such a nice guy, why are you married and on AdultFriendFinder"? Well, in my defense, don't judge me until you've walked in my shoes. I have my reasons, and variety in my love life is not one of them.
Anyway, the article by this young lady really touched me, and I just wanted to thank her for restoring a little faith in me. Yes, maybe it cracked my exterior shell a little too.

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