Your Presence  

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9/10/2006 9:17 pm

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Your Presence

The music was good. The venue was intimate. Good food, good liquor, and good friends, but something was missing. My heart was aching. All attempts to ignore it were futile. I was contemplating leaving. Nothing was going to soothe me this night. I found my keys. I turned to say my “goodnights” and suddenly I felt a change in the air. There was an energy, a presence that caused me to be still. I breathed deeply through my nostrils and recognized his scent. He was here.

My heart immediately quickened. I felt the flush rise on my cheeks and I hoped no one else would notice. A sharp glance at my friends assured me they were preoccupied with the band playing on stage. I stood and said my goodbyes and walked to the exit with knees that trembled. Was he really here or was it my imagination? Would he follow me out?

The cool night air swept his scent from me and I sighed. I hesitated and then walked slowly around the building and into the dark of night toward my car. My keys were in my hands, but I didn’t unlock the car door. I paused and waited. I listened, but heard nothing. My heart sank. I was alone.

But suddenly, his scent was upon me again. My heart leapt out of my chest as my breath caught in my throat. My body was pressed against the cold steel of the car as he leaned into me. I moaned. He enveloped me and his mouth found the back of my neck. I shuddered. He growled and nipped at the tender flesh of my shoulder. His hands found mine and I dropped the keys as he grasped them. He stretched my arms out and held them against the car. His body shoved me against the door and I could feel his cock, hard and erect, against my back. I pushed back into him and begged his attention.

He let go of my right arm and his hand found the hem of my skirt. He lifted it and exposed my hips, naked under the cotton fabric. Another growl escaped him as the sound of his zipper almost echoed in the air. I sobbed with desire and hope as I felt his cock against the flesh of my ass. I went up on my toes and begged his entry. My pussy was dripping and throbbing. He readily accommodated me. His cock, hard and erect, found its way to my gaping hole as he roughly plunged it inside of me. I whimpered and gasped. My pussy showered him with moisture. Our bodies rocked and shuddered with uncontrollable passion and desire. Our guttural moans and groans mingled into one and dissipated into the night. There was no one else on earth. No where else to be but here. Now. I felt his cock grow even harder and knew that his release was near. I lifted my ass even higher and moved rhythmically against him. His body tightened and his throat let out a primal howl as he exploded deep within me. I cried out. Our voices twisted and turned into each other and were swept off into the blackness.

Silence followed, broken only by the heavy breathing on my neck and back. Soon, his body relaxed. He stepped back and I heard his zipper being closed as my skirt fell back into place. A warm trickle of cum snaked its way down my left leg. My mind was lost in its sensation. It was a few moments before I became aware that I was alone. With flushed cheeks and still throbbing pussy, I fully righted myself and glanced quickly around. There was no one there. Had he been here? Had he fucked me? Another warm drop started down my leg and told me it was so.

AxonsOnereSigna 75M/77F  
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10/13/2006 3:04 am

I am new to your blog and to your stories. I'll savor them, allowing myself one a day like a sweet and evil treat.

SpiritdPygmalion replies on 10/13/2006 1:11 pm:
What a wonderful thing to say. I hope they are a treat to you each and every time.

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