I hate it when....  

SpineTinglingSex 43M
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5/9/2006 9:09 pm

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5/29/2006 7:18 pm

I hate it when....

gay guys send me winks! ARGH!! Sure, "Straight guys need head too", but they need it from a woman! Not that I'm homophobic or anything. I'm just fine with gay guys. But when my profile clearly says I'm into women they still send me winks! Why do more gay guys hit on me than WOMEN!??!

rm_SheBitesBack 38F

5/13/2006 1:30 am

Maybe it's that you are wordly, are INTO ORAL PLEASURE (opss, sorry about the caps, just wanted to make sure you read that) and maybe just your handle catches their attention, think about it...
I think you are smart to get my meaning

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