An Inch Long? Then I Am Gone!  

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7/30/2006 4:23 pm
An Inch Long? Then I Am Gone!

It was inevitable! You just can't get away from it know matter how hard you try. Does size really matter? And honestly I don't know how we got there!

Before we begin though, I must explain something. Androgyny, "Gyny" for short, is a name I gave to my inner self years ago when I was a teenager. That's when I discovered I had a hormone imbalance during my puberty years and did nothing about it. So now, I can't grow enough hair on my chest, my nails can grow pretty damn long if they go unchecked and I was diagnosed with gynomastia at fourteen, which gave me larger chest than I would have preferred. So yes, I am an extremely romantic, kinky freak who uses all of his assets. That said...

We started our meeting with me because I was experiencing mixed emotions about a couple of compliments I had received. One day last week after some intimacy, a guy asked if I had done drag because I had "perfect breasts" for it. The very next day another guy, in the middle of it, said I was "hot" and later mentioned he loved my "more feminine qualities."

Sounds like no big deal to you perhaps, but for decades, I have gone out of my way to hide the feminine when in masculine settings and hide the masculine when I'm in drag or something. It never once occurred to me that I would meet men who could appreciate both sides of me at the same time. Threw me for a while but I have got a grip on it now, actually thanks to the meeting but I digress.

Anyway, the breast comment opened the door on is there such a thing as too much. Now, with only two and a half guys in the room, it certainly isn't a national poll or anything, but the consensus was, yes there is such a thing as too much breast. Dolly, love you but you have too much. Pamela, even after the surgery, you have too much. Debra Messing, have more babies honey. You need help. And as for myself, mine are perfect in the sense of versatility. My outfits can usually make them as big or as small as I need them to be for the occasion.

Of course, the ladies were quick to point out the other size issue as well. Tim, who described himself as reaching for the average, has become a bit of an expert on the subject. He's researched the hell out of it actually. He told us that the average length is 4-6 inches and girth is between 4.5-5.5 Sadly, being the only black guy in the room, I couldn't help but wonder if that included black guys. And of course, the girls were amused. I believe I told you in a previous blog that Eric was blessed in that department. Now forgive me if I get this part wrong, but I believe Tim said that the hymen? was about 4-5 inches in or on a woman. Not my forte, sorry! So essentially, that is really all you need to get the job done. So again, technically yes, there is such a thing as too much!

But let's face it children. We have become fascinated with greatness. We like our big breasts and massive members. Those who have seen the "Full Monty" know we were curious about a certain guy's schlong. And we all freaked when we saw Jaye Davidson's in "The Crying Game." I hope I got his name right. And if it seems I focused on the penis here, it is not solely because that's what I like, but also because women don't usually hide their breasts so there is no guessing there.

But the group's overall experiences pointed out another fascinating fact. Those who were not as endowed, either up top or down below, tend to make up for their shortcomings in other areas. They sucked better, or ate better or foreplayed longer. Perhaps they feel the need to overcompensate. Perhaps they get more practice doing other things. Whatever the reason, the group as a whole was grateful to those who aim to impress as well as those who are simply blessed.

And I've decided once again to just take what I can get and work with it. Hell, it only has to happen once and I might just learn something from it. So although a yard would make me smile, perhaps an inch could be worthwhile. Until next time everybody...

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