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Spicy4Unow 51F
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3/28/2006 1:11 pm
Thought for the day

I need a short break so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you
all. Here's hoping all have a fun and fruitful weekend.

She arrives at the party with her boyfriend looking incredible as
usual. I give her a kiss hello and she returns the casual kiss back.
As usual our eyes meet and that sheepish look we both get is quietly
exchanged. Of course I give her boyfriend a big kiss as well,
wouldn't want him to feel left out. Drinks are being poured, food is
being eaten and casual chating is everywhere in the room. I like to
talk to everyone at a party so no one feels left out, but I really
want to talk to my friend. We always have something to talk about.

The night continues on and we're partying and drinking and having a
good time laughing about this and that, the conversation turning to
sex of course! I realize I have a chance now to get her alone. I
make some lame excuse to show her something in my bedroom. I tell
her I have these really cool toys I want to show her. Well who can
resist the opportunity to see sex toys....ok, well I guess if you're
not into them, She and I are both laughing and
oops...stumbling down the hall to my bedroom. I open the door where
the lights are low and the room quiet away from the party. I'm
fairly certain no one knows we're gone if so, they probably assume
we went outside anyway.

I just couldn't resist it......I had to...I just had to kiss her
again the way I really wanted to. I had so many thoughts running
thru my head I was getting dizzy. Ok, maybe that was from the
cocktails but either way I was going to be assertive. I pushed her
gently down on my bed in a playful manner and stared into her eyes.
We both stopped laughing and I locked hands with her and pushed them
above her head and straddled across the top of her. She surprised me
and leaned up to kiss me with such lust. My body tingled like a
school girl. I kissed her back with the same intensity and pressed
my body against hers so she knew I wasn't letting her up just yet.
She wrapped her legs around my waist....we looked like we were going
to wrestle. I knew she understood me and that we had the same
thoughts now. All you could hear in the room were soft moans from
both of us. I licked her neck and up around her ear as I gently
moaned. I let go of our hand lock so that I could move my hands
around. Her shirt was tight fitting but that wasn't going to get in
my way, I had my agenda! I reached up under her shirt to her flat
tight belly moving my hands upward, when at that moment I quickly
changed my mind and reached downward into her skirt instead. I
surprised her so, she gasped and moaned all in one breath as I
reached to feel how wet she was. All I could think of now was how
much I wanted to taste her, but first I was going to tease her. It's
a bit of a power trip to do that . I fingered her for some time
while I licked and sucked on her nipples one and then the other. She
was so insatiablely wet, drenched and on fire. I slowly made my way
down and licked her swollen clit for all it was worth. It was no
time that she came and what seemed with a vengence. She squirmed and
was being quite loud that I had to stick my tongue in her mouth to
keep her quiet. That made her cum again. I loved it. To have such
control over someone and to make them feel that good!

After catching her breath, she got up as though to leave but she
decided fair was fair and thru my ass down against the edge of the
bed. I couldn't help but to laugh, I just didn't expect it. But I
was horny and who am I to say no. She went as far as to hold my
hands behind my back so I was forced to basically sit on them which
didn't allow me to touch her. She spread my legs, walked in between
them, leaned in toward me and grabbed my hair before she kissed me
in such a way that I thought I'd come right then. With her other
hand she opened my blouse and ran her hand down from my neck to my
just below my belly button. I recall saying something like "yes,
yes" and she saying "no, no...not yet"...all is fair in torturous
teasing. I'm thining you must be kidding, I am so horny and wanting
to be flat out fucked at this point. She giggled and then became
quiet again, kissing me and fondling me. Her hands were all over the
place, a little here and a little there...everywhere! She kissed me
again and I came. She moved one hand down to my wet pussy and finger
fucked me for all I was worth. I came again and then again and
again. I thought it wouldn't stop....and it didn't, she knelt down
between my legs and sucked on my clit until I came again! She said
she was going to fuck me all night long and I came again. I finally
had to admit I had had enough, plus there was a party going on
without us and that perhaps now we may be missed, so she agreed to
go back after she made me cum just one more time.

Wow, what a party! There should be a party everyday of the week,
don't you think!

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