New Year's Resolution...LMAO...  

Spicy4Unow 51F
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12/24/2005 10:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Year's Resolution...LMAO...

Yeah, like those really work. I mean, how many times have you set those resolutions up and not one of them were set in motion. Yeah, me

But this year I am determined to achieve a few for real.One of which will be fulfilling my fantasy finally. I'm too damn close not too. The more I blog the more I learn, even it some of the advice is coming from men. So guys if you're wrong, I am going to be so pissed at you. I've decided (probably after a few drinks) to forge forward in my quest for a girl/girl night. I've even narrowed it down to next month, January. I give myself til the end of January to accomplish this resolution of mine. And I know I can do it too. I can feel it!!!!

Oh yes, a few cheers from the peanut gallery are more then welcome. Also any advice is always welcome too.

Kisses All.

ticktock500 45M

12/24/2005 11:25 pm

Stronger than steel,
Hotter than the sun;
Spicy4Unow won't stop,
'til she gets the job done!
We are here to have some fun.
So sit down and watch out,
We have just begun!
Yeah Spicy4Unow
You're number one!

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