Hey there Hi there and Big Boo to you all who read this  

SpeshandCutez 51F/61F
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3/25/2006 11:34 pm

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4/5/2006 3:06 am

Hey there Hi there and Big Boo to you all who read this

Well great weather today, cold and yucky and my girlfriend and I lay in Bed all day, B4 getting up to cook Roast chicken and roast vegie and Rice pudding for dessert.
Having come back from Australia(Brisbane) the weather was just right, there for work,
Life has change and for and feeling heaps better about myself, don't care what anyone thinks about me, i am happy , some people on this site are not really what they make out they are<<
But that them and if it make them feel good about themselves you go for.
My girlfriend and I are happy where we are at the moment enjoying ourselves who knows where we will head... that is the future where we do not know... we have been having fun since I came back from Brisbane.... andliving life to the fullest
just looking for men and women who are openminded and not shy to take to us as we are.... finding the right person is not easy as they have a one track mine at times but it's not like that with us. If you wanna chat send us ya comments and we can arrange dinner or drinks andget to know you before sex and who knows what will happen.

love you all Cutez

jersimpet 57M

4/4/2006 3:55 am

Cruising around in blog space certainly makes one realise that one is not alone. I am more and more confident that to love another will not happen unless you love yourself. Only when one is a sure of oneself can one take the steps of potentially giving it all away in love to another.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your hugs

Stay well you two


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