From a Husband to his Wife  

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6/12/2006 11:53 am

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6/12/2006 11:22 pm

From a Husband to his Wife

I thought this would be a great spot to let everyone know how special my wife(texasmami21) is!!!

Some of you may have talked to her, many of you have tried to. My wife(Texasmami21) is the neatest person that I know. She is right there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on. She is the first person I want to share my accomplishments with. She cuddles up to me in bed, and tosses and turns if I am not laying right next to her. My wife is very special to me. She is an excellent mother to our children, always willing to make each and every one of them feel like they are the most important kids in the world. She rushes to kiss their boo-boo's, and tells them that everything is going to be ok. She gets mad at me at what I thought was the most silliest stuff, but come to find out, it really hurt her feelings deep down inside. I feel like crap when that happens, and I will make sure that it never happens ever again. I love my wife more than anything in the world. There is nothing that is ever going to change that. There are times in your life when you know you have someone,(or something i guess), that had to be sent by god because she is so perfect.
Texasmami21, Your are the apple of my eye, and I am grateful that fate was able to bring us together. It has been almost a year, that we have been married(August 24, 2005). I know things have been rough at times, and not exactly like we had planned them. But we have been able to get through them together. With love and communication you can conquer everything in the world. There is nothing that my wife and I cannot get through together. There is no way that something,(or someone) is going to be able to get through the love and adoration that I have for you. So, all you men out there that insist on sending her pics of your lil pee-pee's saying that you can love her better than me, may as well give it up now. My wife is the most loyal honest and trustworthy person that I know. I am proud to call you my wife, my lover and my best friend. There is no one on this earth that is more special than you. You have given me 4 wonderful kids. Our 2 girls are spitting images of their mama, and every bit as gorgeous. Our 2 boys are sweet loving and caring, just like their mama.
Texasmami21 Thank you. Thank you for being my wife, and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being there when I needed you. You know that I am always here for you, and I will always support anything that you are doing(or wanting to do). There is nothing that makes me feel better than me holding you close to me all night long. I love how you hold me tight and whisper in my ear sometimes.
I think of that song that from the "Wedding Singer" I Wanna Grow Old With You. I truly want to be with you for the rest of my life. Every day is a new and exciting adventure, and I do not want the ride to ever stop! I hope that the entire world can now see how much I love, cherish and adore my wife. She makes me want to be the best husband that I can be. Seeing her smile, and be happy is the best thing thanks that she can ever give me. I am not writing this to try and get something or because I am "kissing up". I truly, madly, and am deeply in love with my wife. I can think of no one else that is More perfect for me. Thank you God for giving me the perfect woman. Thank you all for reading my blog, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I have writing it.

- Sparkyz97sho (Texasmami21's loving husband)

TabithaElectra79 39F

6/12/2006 12:27 pm

Awwwww that is just lovely

demonicsexkitten 42F
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6/12/2006 12:47 pm

awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! *sniff, sniff*...

this is so wonderful and she's lucky to have a man that loves her so much. Congratulations on your love and happiness!!

and the "lil pee-pees" comment... made me laugh. thanks. laughter is (usually) always a good thing.

angelofmercy5 60F
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6/12/2006 2:59 pm

Welcome to the blogs! What a wonderful post!

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