A View of the Strip  

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7/13/2006 1:09 am

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A View of the Strip

The evening lights from the Las Vegas strip made the soap bubbles floating from the splashing hot-tub below glow wonderful colors. Red and blue, green and yellow... a rainbow popped over Beth and Jordan's head as they soaked their nude bodies in one of the strip's finest suites.

Tired from a day filled with walking, the hot-tub jets were put to good use massaging fatigued muscles. With still over an hour before Will was due back from the casino, and the three of them were to go to dinner... there was plenty of time to relax.

Jordan wasn't interested in relaxing though. She was in a playful mood as she maneuvered her legs around one of the hot-tub jets.

"Hey, don't do that... we'll get in trouble" Beth protested. "We promised no messing around without Will, and you know he packed that stupid paddle."

"Oh shush, he won't ever know" Jordan moaned back as the rushing water was quickly having an effect. Her head arched back, supple breasts thrust out of the water... as an orgasm rolled through her body.

Beth could feel her body tingle. She loved watching Jordan cum. With no hesitation, she slid under the water to Jordan's side. Without a word, Beth had one of Jordan's breasts in her mouth. Tongue moving back and forth over her erect nipple, gently sucking... nibbling and giving pleasure.

Beth moved her hand into the water, touching down the side of Jordan's athletic body. Over her ribcage, fingers dancing by her tummy and onto her hips. Across her bottom, reaching between her legs and to the inner thigh. Jordan groaned with pleasure.

Teasing with her finger-tips, Beth lingered... only briefly brushing against what Jordan desperately wanted touched.

Barely audible over the hum of the hot-tub, Jordan pleaded, "Please."

Beth moves her hand. Over Jordan's clean and bare skin. Soft and smooth. Fingers slide over pouting waves of skin . They both moan. Beth can feel Jordan's wetness through the water as she slides her finger inside.

In and out her finger moves. The rhythm intensifies. Her palm gently grinds against Jordan's pleasure center.

Beth lifts her head as she feels Jordan's body tense. She looks at Jordan's face. Jet black hair, wet and filled with soapy bubbles... her face wet with sweet... eyes closed... her breath expels and her body pushes forward as she climaxes. Beth feels her own body spasm with pleasure as she watches and feels.

Taking a deep gulp of air, Beth regains her focus. Slipping her finger out of Jordan's wetness, she guides her lover's buoyant body towards a pulsing jet of water.

With a soft tug, Jordan feels herself exposed to the gushing water. Gasping and moaning, an intense orgasm seizes her body. Then another... and another.

Jordan involuntarily pushes her legs further apart. Her knees bend in the air. Her mind flashes to an image of Will being inside her... deep inside, pushing his manhood hard and fast. An even stronger orgasm rolls over her.

Beth nudges a finger against Jordan's erect clit, fully exposing it to the pulsating water. Jordan's body explodes with a massive orgasm.

Breathless, Jordan's legs close as she slides out of Beth's grasp. Sliding her bottom onto the underwater seat, she closes her eyes and tries to gather herself.

Beth follows, taking a seat that puts her back against a jet of water. She immediately starts to touch herself... which causes her to have a gentle orgasm.

Jordan, hearing this... opens her eyes, and gazes at her climaxing lover. Soft blond hair flows over her face, her firm breasts half way out of the water... she was an erotic sight. Jordan could not wait to please her.

Suddenly, the sexual haze was broken as the front door in the next room could be heard closing. William was back early.

Beth quickly pulled her hand out of the water, and moved to the next seat. Jordan tried to straighten her soapy hair as Will walked into the room.

A firefighter, Will had a strong build. He was tall, with medium length dark hair. A neatly trimmed mustache sat over his usually smiling face. Beth and Jordan both adored him, and greatly looked forward to the 'naughty' getaways the three of them would take.

"Did you win" Jordan asked.

"Yep" came the quick answer as Will moved through the room, headed for the bedroom.

"That was too close" Beth offered once Will had exited the room. She and Beth both knew the deal that had been made. They'd both promised not to 'mess around' unless Will was either there, or gave his permission. Too often in the past, Beth and Jordan had played so much together... they'd lost some enthusiasm for their group play. And no one wanted that.

So, they'd agreed they would both get a spanking if they broke the agreement. And while both Beth and Jordan loved to be spanked, especially by Will... this spanking would be a hard one, with the paddle. Both had gotten the paddle before, on separate trips they'd taken with Will... and neither wanted to earn another. Especially in front of each other.

"Oh please, that wasn't close... he's clueless" Jordan giggled as she moved herself next to Beth again. "He's going to take one of his 30 minute showers now, so don't worry."

Beth's mind told her to say no, there would be plenty of time for fun after dinner... but, even though she'd already climaxed twice... her body told her she wanted more, NOW. So when she felt Jordan's hand touch her under the water, she only moaned.

Jordan knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted Beth to feel the same amazing pleasure she'd felt from the water jet.

Beth felt her body lifted through the water, as she was guided into position. Her feet poked out of the water, touching the edge of the hot-tub. Already extremely turned-on, the result was almost immediate. Beth's body responded with several orgasms.

Jordan could feel her own excitement build as she watched Beth's body respond... and she was touching herself by the time Beth had had her momentary fill.

As Jordan moved herself closer to Beth for more touching... she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head.

Will was standing near the wall, and he hadn't just got there.

Beth, seeing Jordan's reaction, turned her head to see Will.

Beth protested, "She made me do it! I told her she would get in trouble!"

"You little..."

Will cut Jordan off, "Now-now, young ladies... you both clearly were being naughty." "I could tell what was going on when I first walked in the room."

"Please William, it's not my fault" Beth continued.

"Stop right now, missy... you broke the rule, and you will have to be punished now. And if you keep this up, I will give you extra."

Totally defeated, Beth could only say, "Yes, sir."

Will motioned with his hand to get out. Compliance was quick. Neither wanted this to be worse then it likely already was.

Will swung the door to the bedroom open. Beth, followed by Jordan, moved towards their punishment.

Jordan held her head down. She could see Beth's bottom. It was soaking wet, and covered with soapy suds. She was embarrassed that she'd been caught breaking a promise. She wasn't looking forward to this spanking. She was also a little upset at Beth, too. 'Trying to pin the entire blame on me' she thought.

She hoped Beth would get spanked hard.

As the girls entered the room, they could see Will was sitting on the red couch by the window. Las Vegas poured through the window. Next to Will, sat his wood paddle. A wicked implement with holes in it. It hurt to just look at it.

"All that fun going on out there, and you two have to get your bottoms paddled. It's a shame, but if you are going to act childish and break promises... then I am left with no choice. Naughty and immature behavior has consequences... " Will had begun scolding.

Jordan hated this part almost as much as the spanking. It made her feel ashamed and embarrassed. It was all the worse having Beth here. Being called "young lady" and "missy"... and told that she's "naughty"... while standing completely nude in front of another grown woman... Jordan just wanted to get it over with.

So, when Will asked if they both agreed that they'd been naughty and earned a spanking... Jordan quickly answered, "Yes, sir"... and stepped

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7/13/2006 11:29 am

Certainly more fun than I've had in Vegas.

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7/13/2006 12:40 pm

L O L!

Nice way to cap that off with a one-liner punch line, SpankyAZ! I was feeling so bad for their tender heinies, that the humorous horniness took me off guard. Nice work!

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