SpanishFly4me 47F
7/30/2006 8:35 pm

Okay, you have chatted with someone for awhile and decide that its time to meet. You have set up the place and somewhat nervous about the meeting but you think it's going to be okay because you have exchange emails and phone call over a period of time. Then the actual meet takes place. He is nothing like the picture nor does he fit his profile. You stand in shock while maintaining your composure and then he comes up with the bullsht story about its me not you. How do you recover from being rejected by someone who never had it going on. Cause three shots of tequila still can't erase it from memory.
Tell the person off.
Tell the person the truth.
Fake it with a smile and say 'april fools' I wasn't your date anyway.
Or start dating the same sex cause you can't take the trama.

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