All quiet on the Western Front - more observations  

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11/26/2005 10:11 pm

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All quiet on the Western Front - more observations

Things have been quiet.
No new e-mails. No new blog comments.
Maybe just a holiday lull.
I guess once you've been here a year you know the patterns of things. Just coming up on 3 months for me. I mentioned some of the patterns I saw in my first post. I could add to that list now. There are the profiles of those who have been here a while and had their fill of no strings sex and want more. There are those like myself who have made the "cross over" to the blog world. It's a whole side to this site that I'm sure those who just try AdultFriendFinder for a month never get to know. I wonder how long did it take you to find and embrace the blog side? Did you just view at first? When did you make your first comment? What made you decide to start one of your own?
There are those who have completely crossed over and remain as committed bloggists only.

Now to add to the list of terms here is a new one: dogging. See sexyfitwoman's post Dogging 101 for the answer.
Got any terms to add?

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