Ladies Look Out For Medic9114U!!!  

SouthernCharmCA 45F
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7/19/2006 8:52 am

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7/31/2006 10:53 am

Ladies Look Out For Medic9114U!!!

I signed up on here a couple of years back as cdninsc and was bombarded with responses from men, women, and couples. I met this one guy Medic9114u who was married but insistant that his wife had given her approval for him to play.

His profile said he was in school for massage therapy and needed volunteers to practice on. I was certainly game for that, what woman in her right mind would turn down free massages? I finally met him and had my massage, which led to a playful evening of first time ever going outside my marriage. The sex was damn hot! So good that I would have probably thorwn away my marriage for more time with Medic. He scheduled me for another massage and more for a couple of weeks later, the sex was better than the 1st time.

The only problem was that time he told me he loved me. Not an isolated "I love you" but repeated continuously. We talked on the phone and got together many more times before I moved back to Canada with my husband and children eventually changing my profile name to SouthernCharmCA.

My addiction to Medic9114u was not easily forgotten. He traveled to Buffalo, NY and I met him there for an overnight sex visit. That time he proposed marriage and asked me to have his baby. I accepted and agreed. We talked every couple/few days, emailed, and text messaged all the time. Each time he told me he loved me. Blew my mind because I was ready to leave my 13 years of marriage for this guy who was head over heels for. Smart? Nope!

Last Thursday he was on a popular text messaging program and I started texting him but realized something was didn't seem like him. Turned out to be his wife. She begged me to help her and tell her the truth. I gave her my # and she called telling me he had kids, I knew of only 4 who he doesn't get to see because of accusations made by the kids' mother...he also has a new baby to some woman who he was playing with, and has some 22 year old girl pregnant with twins. I damn near died. My heart broke but I held it in because I was so mad at myself for being pulled in by a con artist but I am entirely annoyed that he pulled this shit on his wife who loves him so dearly and that he didn't tell her what was happening with me even after he flat out lied to me that his wife knew. And now he's playing this young girl who will get hurt in the end.

He is on his third marriage, and soon to be his 4th but knowing this guy, it will not stop there.
I can't believe I let myself get laid and played in SC.

rm_tiggs1970 47M
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7/19/2006 7:44 pm

Well that was a good stroke of luck with text messaging. Who nows how life would of turned out for you if that had not happened. I believe things happen for a reason and you a better of with out that guy.As for the broken heart unfortunaly we are human and can easily fall for what we are told. Especially if it some thing we long to hear.

SouthernCharmCA 45F

7/21/2006 12:24 pm

Love you guys! Thanks. Feeling better about it all now. And as for an UPDATE: WE'RE PREGNANT AND EXPECTING IN MARCH 2007. My 2nd child and his 3rd - our 2nd together. YAY! Been trying for 9 years since our daughter was born and FINALLY his boys swam for it. LOL

SouthernCharmCA 45F

7/21/2006 12:25 pm

My husbands kid...not the con-artists LOL Thought I'd clear that up before I caught shit from someone.

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