...it is done  

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10/10/2005 10:39 am

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...it is done

mood: melancholy, excited, apprehensive, eager, sad, happy... in plain english, i guess i'm all cracked out.

well...the agreement is final and i'm officially single now according to the law. my feelings on the matter are mixed but both my brain and my gut tell me it is the right thing to do, my heart feels otherwise, shall i pluck it from my chest as i would the eye that offends me? i know not...

what i do know is i feel as though i'm about to embark on a great adventure, one whose course isn't charted, the winds aren't quite fair, the destination is unknown. this is life and to quote the french, of whose ancestry i boast... ce' la vie. as long as there's still air going into my lungs i'll be fine... i always am.

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