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8/20/2005 9:05 pm

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Didn't get the chance to blog while I was in Mexico, but a lot has changed in one short week. Found time to write to Don while I was away. We wrote back and forth while we were both on vacation... and he won my heart (not to mention other parts of me)

While I am still trying to remain guarded to some extent, I am falling hard for Don. I know it seems ridiculous considering the nature of our relationship, but I can't help what I am feeling, and it definitely seems mutual.

We have started a "story" together. Each of us has decided to write a chapter at a time until we meet and get the chance to act it out together. At this point I have written chapter 1 and 3, while Don has had the honor of writing ch 2.

As background.. chapter 1 begins with a chance meeting in a hotel bar and ends with a BJ in the elevator. Don picked up there and ch2 was about insatiable sex outside the hotel room door because we could not wait to get inside first. Chapter 3 takes off from there, desribing the passion we have for eachother upon entering the hotel room.

If there is a request to post the chapters on my blog, I will gladly do so if Don agrees... I don't think he will mind, but want to make sure.. so if anyone is interested... let me know.

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